Friday, February 6, 2015

Because I'm Happy ~ A Key To change

IT'S OFFICIAL!  I AM A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!  It's Crazy and I though the day would never get here!

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Savvy Self thru Communication

     With All of today's technology at our fingertips, even many of the poor are in contestant contact with friends, relatives, people of interest and information.  Computers, workplaces and smart phones keep us tightly connected to those around us on as little as a second by second basis if we choose….So why are we not happier? 
     I believe it is because we choose not to communicate with ourselves.  It is easier to relate to others, judge others and live thru others than it is to take introspect  and stock into our selves, and so at the end of each day, we have failed to gain any real ground in our physical, emotional and spiritual journey.  How do you change this?  How do you find your way back to yourself?
     Step out of your office, leave your computer and your smart phone behind.  Take a walk, a yoga class, sit silently facing the sun and breath and think…..Communicate with yourself and yourself alone.  Give yourself 15 min to an hour a day at least.  Be present for yourself.  Do not fear the mistakes you have made…. face them and learn.  Do not worry for what the future will bring…..plan for what you want YOUR future to bring.  If you have wronged people, think on how to right it and bring peace to your mind and soul.  No one is a lost cause as long as they chose to find themselves.       
     You deserve to communicate with yourself.  You deserve that Time.
Have a Socially Savvy Week and "Make EVERY Event  BETTER Because You Were There!"

Monday, April 14, 2014

Socially Savvy 7 Day Challenge ~ Making A Positive Dent

 We wake up each day with a boat load of things to get done, people to see, relationships to start, build and even end, running half crazy most of the time.  And it seems that only when strong emotions are triggered do we stop to take notice and usually those strong emotions are negative.  Someone has irritated us, mistreated us or through their lack of awareness let us slip thru the cracks.  This poses a problem if we are to create a more positive culture.
            Think about this for a moment.  All the businesses…. restaurants, lounges, department stores, repair shops,  construction companies, postal services………. All the business associates, mechanics, grocery clerks, sales associates, wait staff, garbage men and customer service people that make our lives easier and nicer on a day to day or visit to visit basis.  How often do you let them know you appreciate what they do?  Do you just expect it to be fab every time? 
            We all need that positive reinforcement that what we are doing is making a difference in someone’s lives so someone needs to be the catalyst for this……will it be you?  Take time over the next 7 days to look the people in the eye that serve you and say “thank you”.  Follow up with a Review on Google or Yelp, a customer service letter or comments to their manager.  If you received a swag bag at an event,  goto the event Host's page and thank them!  Hyperlink your favorite swag sponsor's and thank them too!  Best is to commit it to digital or physical writting's  so they can see it over and over again, to remind them that what they do makes a difference, and so that others may know what their strength are as well. 
            1 week to focus on the positive…… I wonder what will become of it…….

Thursday, March 6, 2014

It’s Not to expensive.....It’s you....

    Now I know just how harsh the title to this blog is, but let’s be real folks..It’s true.  When you are checking out an event that YOU think is interesting and want to go to, and you then check out the cost of the tickets and say “ It’s to expensive”, that is a YOU thing.  It is YOUR choice how you chose to spend your money.  So if you find yourself feeling an event is “not worth it” think about the cost of what they are trying to present to you.
     It takes ALOT of money to put on a big, beautiful, quality event when it is done right so Consider the following....
    1.) Location ~ to have a large party you need space, and large locations are not “readliy available” and take alot to maintain, so of course there is a cost involved and it is usually pretty substantial
    2.) Food ~ we all like food at events, but it does not just “magically” appear out of no where.  It has to be bought, prepared, served and cleaned up afterwards...all that equals “Cost”
    3.) Entertainment ~ who wants to go to an event where the music or entertainment does not complement the mood of the night?  Where it starts and stops in a way that is like someone trying to drive a stick shift for the first time, jarring you through out the evening.  Good Dj’s, bands and entertainers understand things like “the flow of the Party”, adjusting volume levels to keep crowd happy and involved and perfecting their craft so it is enticing and entertaining.
    4.) The mood & theme of the party...this is where things like your “Attire” plays in and the type of people and attitudes come into play.  If you can not afford the ticket price, you probably can’t afford the proper attire that will maintain the mood and feel of the event, and you would be a detraction instead of a welcome addition to the event.
    Now....the last an most important issue to understand, is just how much of a choice it is of yours..... Do you get your coffee drink once or twice a day?  Do you smoke?  The fact is, we ALL make choices and almost all of us have limited resources, so we need to understand that each one of those choices TO do something, results in a undetermined choice that you CAN’T do something else!  Recognize it and stop making it someone else's issue.

    While we are all entitled to the right to “pursue” happiness, we are not guaranteed to the result of Happiness.....that is up to you and your choices.  Recognize it and learn to live not ONLY in the moment, but for the future you WANT as well!

Have a Socially Savvy Week!  And make EVERY event Better because you were there!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Who are you Today?

    So often in life we getting going on a path of where we think we want to be.  We make alliances, decisions and judgments based on where it is we want to be, and more often than not, we forget to ask "Who am I today?".  Why is that relevant you ask?  Well let me explain…
    I was doing an interview with one of my favorite people, Amy Yamada last month and she spoke of being your authentic self.  She has spoken on that for quite awhile now, and during the interview I got to thinking…."what does my authentic self look like?  What does that mean to me? What does my authentic self feel".  So I stopped, looked in the mirror and asked "Who am I today?"
In asking that question, i find that answering it ,answered all the other questions and helped me define my Authentic self. 
    So, Who am I Today?  I am Happy, Young at heart, excited for life, persistent, determined and connected. 
    How does this help us?  When we ask and answer the question, we know what tools we have at our disposal, ready to pursue the day, our dreams and our goals.  Once you know what your working with you can then answer some new questions:
    Do the tools i possess help me in getting where I want to go?  If not, what tools would?  Or if not, what road would those tools i already possess help me on?
    You see, Life is a journey, and Happiness is found along the ENTIRE journey, so you hold the key to enjoying the journey as much as possible by making conscious decisions and not just following a road that you "believe" will lead you where you want to go.
    So I ask you….."Who are YOU Today?"

Monday, November 18, 2013

5 Fantastically Socially Savvy Gift's of Time

     These day's people are just tired of getting a bunch of "stuff" they don't need, not to mention we don't have the extra money to spend, so here are some fab gifts you can write up and package pretty to give away that will mean SOOO much more that that pair of slippers or a scarf!  

     1.) "The Project Piece" Bring over your favorite music, a bottle of wine and help your friend tackle that "Project" they have been wanting to do!  Dedicate a full 8 hours of time if you can to make sure you can help them from start to finish!

     2.) "The Garage Gladiator" - So many of us have garages full of boxes we just don't have time to get thru and most of it is stuff we can get rid of!  This year offer to give your friends a day to help do just that.  Bring boxes you can pick up free from the liquor store for sorting and then finish by driving the items they are getting rid of to the local donation center!

     3.) "A Day in your Shoes" Do you have a friend that is the opposite of you?  They do things you just don't understand?  Well, offer to walk a day in their shoes with them and try something new.  Maybe it's fishing, hiking, painting, but make it something that they have everything you need  but it is just missing you.  One of the coolest things we can do is show an interest in peoples lives that they hold dear to them and ask to share with them.

     4.)"The Charity Cheerleader" If there is one thing that people can never get enough help with it is charity work, so tell your friend that you will go with them to their next charity event they are helping at and work it with them!  You may see a new side to them and I know it will make the event even better all the way around!

     5.) "Eat & be Merry" Everyone eats dinner, so why not set up with a close family preparing, eating and cleaning up dinner together!  The food can be simple and it is money you are spending anyway, the only addition cost would be some fuel money!  Make the ordinary extraordinary!
Have a Socially Savvy week everyone and make every event Better because you were there!
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why FEAR is Socially Savvy

    It has been very interesting over the last few months to see the word Fear put out there and how it is used.  Most people are threatened and paralyzed by fears but there are those few that step back, detach from the emotion fear brings and find success.  So how do you do that?  Well here is my perspective on doing just that.
    Fear is the illusion of everything that could go wrong but doesn't need to.  It gives us a hyper link into what to avoid.  It is not set in stone, nor does it hold any control over us.  One of the most amazing definitions of fear i have ever heard came from the Movie After Earth ~
“Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist. That is near insanity. Do not misunderstand me danger is very real but fear is a choice.”  Will Smith
    So with that said, how do we use Fear as a Hyper link to a successful future? We look at Fear as a warning sign if you will.  When you see a sign ahead that says "danger, no shoulder" do we drive off the road or simply pay a bit more attention?  When we see a fire engine and smoke, do we douse ourselves with water or look around to make sure the fire can't spread?  Now onto a more personal perspectives….. When you see a handsome guy or beautiful girl across the room do you hang your head and tell yourself they are out of your class or do you put your best smile on and go for it?  I got you there didn't I!  So what is they key?  Why is it the more personal of an impact something has we hold tighter to the fear instead of celebrating the possibility of success?  Because we have learned to Fear NO, above all.  We are afraid of rejection instead of learning from it and becoming stronger.  It boils down to this…..EVERYTHING we do is a choice and EVERYTHING we do has the possibility of success and failure.  Letting Fear TELL you you will fail instead of using fear to know what to avoid is the key in my eyes.  Analyze, decide and act.  Let life do the rest.  What are a few mistakes to a Life full of fears unrealized because you didn't let it stop you.
Have A Socially Savvy week! 
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