Sunday, June 4, 2017

Wonder Woman ~ Some Savvy Thoughts to Remember

     With the already HUGE success of this movie, there is already so much talk of the Women empowering qualities of what it stands for and How women feel about them selves.  The timing could not be more perfect.  And So, without using the word “But”, I will say this….. DON’T MISS THE OVER ALL POINT!  But I jump ahead a bit, so let me explain.

     Those of us who grew up in the 70’s and early 80’s remember all the wonder woman shows, JLA cartoons, and so so many comic books that took us on adventures of compassion, fighting for what we believe in, actual greek history, and yes learning how to believe in our selves and finding our strengths.  But let’s not forget what she stood for as a entity.  

     Truth, to which the lasso allowed her to get from people.  Strength, which she used to protect and help ALL people.  Beauty, which shined from the inside not just her outward appearance.  Compassion, Empathy, Fierceness, Conviction and Wisdom, all of which shows us the necessity of balance to be effective.  She led and empowered troops to fight, she protected and shielded innocents from harm, she drove and pursued for the truth and she learned and applied that wisdom in her decisions.  She shows us there are no short cuts, only drive, determination, knowledge, understanding, compassion and fortitude.  

     So, back to my point.  If we want to find our inner Wonder Woman, we must strive to be greater than ourselves, greater than our angers, greater than our fears and lear to embrace and extend ourselves to all around us.  In a word, stop the exclusions and start inclusion.  The over all point, embrace all around us who love and unite us. 

     One simple reminder however, remember to identify the evil in the world and recognize, it is rarely as we believe it should appear.  Be wise, educate yourself and always have Love in your heart.  The hate will twist you and change you.  You must stay true to you.  

As always, just my thoughts.  “Remember, make everything better because you are here”
Have A Socially Savvy Week, Month and Year!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Socially Savvy Attitude Adjustment

  It's the middle of May 2017, and reading through Social Media, speaking with people and watching people interact, I find my brain screaming "We need a Social Attitude Adjustment"!  
We as people have moved to tearing down, degrading, assuming the worst and over all despising people because they don't believe what we believe, see things the way we see them or bow down to their way of thinking.  If your not a bully then your bullied.  If your not someones kind of right, your wrong.  If you have a different view, thought or intention then you are the enemy.  WE NEED TO STOP!
     We need to Adjust our Attitude and here is why....

     From a practical point of view.  Nothing is gained by assuming the worst in peoples intentions.  You may from time to time avoid an issue, but most people don't have malicious intentions, so when you assume they do you create a drama that flares like a sun burst!  Recognizing bad intentions and steering away from them is always wise, but assuming the negative without actually knowing hurts everyone.

     From a relationship point of view.  If your intention is to never have relationships with people then by all means assuming people are trying to hurt or degrade you will make sure no one stays within a mile radius of you.  If you WANT relationships with other humane beings you have to remember that how they communicate, what they feel, their life path to date, loves and passions all come thru when they feel intensely about something.  Assuming that, while the presentation and be intense, the thoughts are with the hope of understand and communications ideas, thoughts, opinions and feelings so they are able to grow in the relationship.  ( did you mind just explode?)

     From a Social point of view.  This one is kind of easy.  Socially, everything is very much at the surface, so assuming that people have the best of intentions instead of the worst simply allows you to be the kind loving person you are ( or want to be), and so will be perceived that way.  If you allow others to change that in you then it reflects on YOU.  You control how you perceive and interact with people, don't let them control you.  

     And finally from a personal health point of view.... this might be the most important one to consider.  Physical, mental and spiritual health are all tied to how you allow people to treat you, but more importantly how YOU treat people and receive what people send your way.  The Blunt truth is that the more you insist on seeing the good in people and their intentions, the healthier it is for you.  If others intentions are ill intended then simply moving away from those people is probably the best option, because seriously, how many times has full on confrontation's really gained anyone anything other than an ulcer, heart attack or stress!!!

     Adjust Your attitude and you will find that you have a "Socially Savvy Attitude" that will draw people to you not repel them from you.

     As I always say, "Make Everything better Because You were there!"

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Socially Savvy 7 Day Challenge ~ Making A Positive Dent

 We wake up each day with a boat load of things to get done, people to see, relationships to start, build and even end,  and most of the time we end the day realizing we have been running crazy and the day was a blur.  It seems that only when strong emotions are triggered do we stop to take notice and usually those strong emotions are negative.  Someone has irritated us, mistreated us or through their lack of awareness let us slip thru the cracks.  This poses a problem if we are to create a more positive culture.  We have to become aware.  But how do we do that?  How do we change our "Status Quo"
            Think about this for a moment.  All the businesses…. restaurants, lounges, department stores, repair shops,  construction companies, postal services………. All the business associates, mechanics, grocery clerks, sales associates, wait staff, garbage men and customer service people that make our lives easier and nicer on a day to day or visit to visit basis.  How often do you let them know you appreciate what they do?  Do you just expect it to be fab every time?  Now what if you stopped and said something positive "Every" time?  Think about it.
            We all need that positive reinforcement that what we are doing is making a difference in someone’s lives so someone needs to be the catalyst for this……will it be you?  Take time over the next 7 days to look the people in the eye that serve you and say “thank you”.  Follow up with a Review on Google or Yelp, a customer service letter or comments to their manager.  If you received a swag bag at an event,  goto the event Host's page and thank them!  Hyperlink your favorite swag sponsor's and thank them too!  Best is to commit it to digital or physical writting's so they can see it over and over again, to remind them that what they do makes a difference, and so that others may know what their strength are as well.  
            1 week to focus on the positive…… I wonder what will become of it…….
     And Don't forget to #Apositivedent


Sunday, May 8, 2016

“Communicate Don’t Opinionate ~ LB Dutchess”

     It amazes me these days just how intolerant and misguided we have become as a country.  I say country because while the rest of the world is not necessarily all that much better than us, they don't seem to be wallowing in the murky depths of misunderstanding that we seem to be.  

     Let me explain.  

     Because of social media, text and blogging (not to mention normal face to face interactions) we as a country say ALOT.  I mean ALOT!  We voice our opinions more times in a day that most people eat in a week in the rest of the world and we make one critical mistake...... We think we are communicating.  WRONG MISTERRRRRR!  We are "Opininating".  Yes, that is correct "Opinionating" and yes I made that up.  What is "Opininating" you might ask, well here is my definition ~ speaking, writing or otherwise relaying information about a view or judgment we have formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge without thought of if the information is being received.  

     We as a society "Opinionate" ALOT.  Now this is where I will lose some of you because this is where you get really confused and think your communicating.  

     Define Communication ~ 1. the imparting or exchanging of information or news. 2. means of connection between people or places.  

     Here is the kicker ~ in order to TRULY communicate, the other person has to HEAR you!  
A~HA!  I got you!  A large percentage of us forget to actually pay attention and see if the people we are "Opinionating" to can actually "hear us" and create connumication!  
    Think of it like this, It's like that static on the old black and white TV's when the channels used to go off the air and when poltergeist comes thru your TV!  And it has the same effect too..... all we want to do is turn it off or run screaming from it!  How is that communicating???  

     SO!  When you go to share information or views take a moment to look at why and how you are going about it.  Are you insulting people?  Are you intolerant?  Are you yelling or gesturing like a crazy person?  Can people even get a word in edge wise or respond to your "post" without a national disaster?  Think about it.  IF you want to be heard, you must first learn to listen and second learn to communicate, and THAT requires you to be able to do more that just state your opinions ("Opinionating")

    So, in a nutshell ~ Be Savvy and Communicate.  

     Till next time ~ Make everything better because you are here!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Do you reciprocate right away? Be Part of the Socially Savvy Give & Give movement

     Today I posted this question "Thoughtful question of the day..... When you reach out to people to ask for their help or ask something of them do you take the time right away to see what you can do for them or help them with too?" 

     And it got me thinking.... We have time to ask for what we want or need yet all to often we 'Don't have time right now', or "Will get that for you as soon as I finish....".   Are we really that self centered?  Have we as a culture really gotten to the point where we have time to go get our coffee, comment on social media platforms on mems and photos but can't seem to find the time to follow up with supporting people whom we want are or expect help from?

     It's a small thing and if you use social media it can be a simple thing.  So I challenge you today to check out peoples time lines that you have asked favors, product, $ or support from and see what you can share and support that they have going on.  Be part of the Socially Savvy Give & Give movement.  Someone gives you time, energy, $ or support, give it back to them.  

     Make Today Better Because you are Here!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Socially Savvy Thought "Can we assume the Best?"

     Today our culture is one of the most negative mankind has ever know.  We assume the worst in people and situations and act accordingly, spreading pain, sorrow, misfortune and damage everywhere.  What if we could change just that one thing.  What if we spend a month assuming the best intentions in people?  Do you think we would be better off or worse?          
     What are You putting out there?

     Make everyday Better Because you are here!