Sunday, May 20, 2012

Socially Savvy - Don't be a Leach....

     Being new to the Social scene ( only the last 3 years) i find it ironic that I am writing a blog about what is Socially acceptable and unacceptable……But here we go……..

    There seems to be a common thread of a lack of common sense when it comes to being out socially and indulging in alcohol……  I personally thought that after college some things just kinda became  common knowledge, but the last few weeks have taught me otherwise.  So here we are pointing out what I feel would be the obvious yet again!

    In the social scene you have a few different kinds of people. 
     First, You have the regulars.  They enjoy going out often.  Then have established a relationship with their favorite spots and are treated accordingly - this usually includes a semblance of VIP treatment when they come by RSVP or last min.  This does not mean that they are always accommodated, but rather, when ever it is feasible, they are taken very good care of.
    The second type are the occasional social.  They may only go out a couple times a month, but they not only indulge well at the establishments they goto, but they treat people well, so they are treated well. 
    Finally, the 3rd type.  these are…..for lack of a better word…. the leaches.  They go out often, but have no clout, no respect and no manners, so they have earned nothing.  So how do they continue to socialize?  they leach off others!  Let me explain.  They are the entitled.  They believe the deserve something they have not earned.  So to get it they use people who have earned it!  You know the ones I am talking about.  They come by your table……sit down, drink your boozes, eat your food and don't leave so much as a tip to help out with the cost.  They think everyone owes them something or they think they are so beautiful that you are privileged to have them at your table  whilst they indulge in your hospitality.  
    The saddest thing about this is that they never think how they affect the lives of the people they leach off of.  They are after all beautiful and therefore Justified. 
    So here is my less than subtle clue for everyone.  If you so much as take a french fry…..Drink a glass of bubbly or sip some wine…..make sure you compensate financially for it.  NOBODY owes you anything!  If you don't want people to start telling the front door your not welcome, be an adult and pay your own way.  I don't care how beautiful you are or what you think you are owed.  Put your big boy/girl pants on and pay your own way!  Its a matter of respect!..  xoxo!  ;)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Are you an Average American

The Average American:

Watches 4 hour and 49 min of TV a Day

Drives 33.4 miles per day

Is 17 pounds over weight

Brings home 30K a year

Has just 9 days of vacation a year

Sleeps 8.5 hours a night

Has less than $3000 in savings

Complete's 13 years of school

Some of the most successful people in the world

Sleep between 2 -5 hours a night

Watch very little if no tv at all

Take vacations out of country as well as for a week or more at a time

Prioritize savings over having "things"

Tend to be more healthy and energetic due to making health a priority

Don't rely on swear words to get their points across - they have a larger vocabulary to draw from.

Went to school but the amount of time didn't matter - it's how much they retain that counts

    Here is the bottom line…..We are all running the race of life.  Successful people fall down just like the Average American…..they just get up faster and more often and refocus on their run.  So you have to ask yourself, "Am I an average American?"  and if so, Do you want to stay that way. 
    Do what the Average American does and be average……… or be willing to do what most won't and Discover what success looks like to you!