Thursday, April 28, 2016

Do you reciprocate right away? Be Part of the Socially Savvy Give & Give movement

     Today I posted this question "Thoughtful question of the day..... When you reach out to people to ask for their help or ask something of them do you take the time right away to see what you can do for them or help them with too?" 

     And it got me thinking.... We have time to ask for what we want or need yet all to often we 'Don't have time right now', or "Will get that for you as soon as I finish....".   Are we really that self centered?  Have we as a culture really gotten to the point where we have time to go get our coffee, comment on social media platforms on mems and photos but can't seem to find the time to follow up with supporting people whom we want are or expect help from?

     It's a small thing and if you use social media it can be a simple thing.  So I challenge you today to check out peoples time lines that you have asked favors, product, $ or support from and see what you can share and support that they have going on.  Be part of the Socially Savvy Give & Give movement.  Someone gives you time, energy, $ or support, give it back to them.  

     Make Today Better Because you are Here!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Socially Savvy Thought "Can we assume the Best?"

     Today our culture is one of the most negative mankind has ever know.  We assume the worst in people and situations and act accordingly, spreading pain, sorrow, misfortune and damage everywhere.  What if we could change just that one thing.  What if we spend a month assuming the best intentions in people?  Do you think we would be better off or worse?          
     What are You putting out there?

     Make everyday Better Because you are here!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Socially Savvy "Are you offended?"

Socially Savvy Are you offended?

     I had this hilarious comedian video come across my Facebook stream last week that, in a nut shell summed up what I identified as one of the biggest problems our culture is facing right now.  It leads to more trouble, anger, fighting and distress because of where it is rooted and how we deal with it as a culture.  Simply put, it is being offended.

     OFFENDED!  OFFENDED YOU SAY?  Why yes, we are talking about being offended.  You look around today and so many people are posting and talking about how “This offends me” or “how that person is dressed is offensive”, and I realized the answer to why so many people are offended about so many things.  

     They have opinions about things that have not a DAMN thing to do with their lives, yet they believe themselves and their life choices to be so superior that what THEY are offended by should be address….  SAY WHAT?!?!? 

      “Did you hear what he said?  That is so offensive!” SO!  It’s none of your business is it?  Is it going to affect your life and where you sleep?  Is it going to stop you from paying your bills?  How about this “OMG, did you see what she was wearing?”,  and you get all butt hurt because you are offended by their choice of clothing…. whats gonna happen?  Are your eyes going to fall out of your head because you saw something that offends you?  STOP LOOKING and move on!  

     I love what the comedian Steve Hughes said ~ “When did sticks and stones make Break my bones stop being relevant”  The Answer….. It didn’t.  What has become more relevant is that we choose to waste our time creating opinions about thousands of things that have abso-freakin-nothing to do with us, our lives and our personal choices.  

     Don’t like the words to a song?  Don’t listen to it.  Don’t like the way some guys talk?  Don’t date them.  

     In a nutshell, If you find lots of things offend you maybe you should take some time to self reflect and decide how much of your brain space you want other non essential people taking up!  And remember to make Everything better Because you are Here!  

Enjoy this guy!  

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Socially Savvy ~ What you Don’t know cost's money

     All to often these days we are so wrapped up in trying to save a buck that we miss the the overall picture.  Buying online affords us what we believe is a great deal, but do you know how to tell if it truly is?  

     Here is a common example.  Contractors.  Everyone thinks they can be one.  Work for a big software company and considered a super brain in your field?  Number one is sales in your region?  World renown writer?  International chef?  All these are great accomplishments but none of them mean you understand that getting and installing a dishwasher is more that just ordering on line and hiring someone to install it for you.  Just because you are highly intelligent, doesn’t mean you know how to install a dishwasher.  Now, you may feel that this is a bit insulting, and if you do, I am probably talking to you.  So if you can get out of your own way for a moment, let me explain.

     The mistake most people make in life these days is trying to second guess professionals in other fields because they are afraid of getting ripped off.  They are letting fear drive them.  Let’s take for instance this example of getting a new dishwasher.  

    Your dishwasher is 20 years old.  It dies.  You talk to your friends.  They tell you to find one online, buy it yourself and have someone install it for you.  You will save so much money!   Well as much as I would like to say that your friends have your back, they simply have no clue.  Let’s just list a few of the things you need to know before you order

1.) What is the size that will fit in your space - now this is probably the easiest of all the points you need to know when ordering, and you can usually measure out and get it right. 

2.) What time of power connection are you set up for - if you have to ask what that is you REALLY should not be attempting this

3.) Is your unit a slide in or framed in piece.  This is a perfect case of where many many people go terribly wrong.  

4.) What is required for the “warrantee” they offer - read the fine print

So, lets say you got ALL the above correct and ordered your dish washer and now its sitting at your house ready to install.

     You call a contractor to come install it for you.  They give you a quote over email, phone or fax.  You pick one and schedule them to come out and install it.

     They get there and the following happens.  You didn’t remove the other dishwasher.  So they tell you it will be an additional x dollars to remove it.  You start to get frustrated because you didn’t know it was going to cost you more money to have the other one removed, but the reality is that these people JUST LIKE YOU, get paid by the hour or bid projects by how long it is going to take them to do the project.  They are not in it to do you any favors!!!  So they remove it, add time to your bid and start to install the new one.

     The dishwasher is there.  But guess what.  You need other pieces to CONNECT the dishwasher up!!!  You didn’t know that either, and because the contractor didn’t purchase the dishwasher for you because you were trying to save any mark up or get the best deal, they have no idea of what it does or does not come with.  They tell you what you need and ask if you want them to get the items for you, and if so the additional cost will be X.  Again you get frustrated, but this is not their fault, and by this time you have used up more time trying to figure it out!
     You either decide to go get the parts yourself to save some money (you think, because they have to charge you to come back or wait on you), or you pay them to go get the pieces.  

     OK! Finally they can install the new dishwasher for you!  And if it was just a slide in and was originally installed after counter tops went in the first time, you have probably now paid for 2 and a half times more labor time getting it installed, all in the name of trying to save money.  

     Worst case senario, you have had to have a contractor come in and cut through your counter top to have it installed and now need new counter tops because they had to remove them to install the dishwasher.  (no joke).  AND you have to find someone to take the old dishwasher away,or pay the installers more to take it, because that costs money too.

     What is the point of this dishwasher story you might ask?  It is simple.  Contractors understand all that is involved in building and installing.  The second you start chiming in you are going to cost yourself more money.  Every change you make will cost you more money.  Trying to save on markup of products ordered, will cost you more money, unless of course you are a contractor.  And Don't EVEN get me started on changing your mind on products.....

     SO….stop second guessing when someone YOU called in comes to do your work and just let them do your work or don’t hire them.  Find someone you trust, check out their work and let them do their job so you can get the results you want and they can feed their family.