Thursday, April 28, 2016

Do you reciprocate right away? Be Part of the Socially Savvy Give & Give movement

     Today I posted this question "Thoughtful question of the day..... When you reach out to people to ask for their help or ask something of them do you take the time right away to see what you can do for them or help them with too?" 

     And it got me thinking.... We have time to ask for what we want or need yet all to often we 'Don't have time right now', or "Will get that for you as soon as I finish....".   Are we really that self centered?  Have we as a culture really gotten to the point where we have time to go get our coffee, comment on social media platforms on mems and photos but can't seem to find the time to follow up with supporting people whom we want are or expect help from?

     It's a small thing and if you use social media it can be a simple thing.  So I challenge you today to check out peoples time lines that you have asked favors, product, $ or support from and see what you can share and support that they have going on.  Be part of the Socially Savvy Give & Give movement.  Someone gives you time, energy, $ or support, give it back to them.  

     Make Today Better Because you are Here!

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