Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Socially Savvy "Are you offended?"

Socially Savvy Are you offended?

     I had this hilarious comedian video come across my Facebook stream last week that, in a nut shell summed up what I identified as one of the biggest problems our culture is facing right now.  It leads to more trouble, anger, fighting and distress because of where it is rooted and how we deal with it as a culture.  Simply put, it is being offended.

     OFFENDED!  OFFENDED YOU SAY?  Why yes, we are talking about being offended.  You look around today and so many people are posting and talking about how “This offends me” or “how that person is dressed is offensive”, and I realized the answer to why so many people are offended about so many things.  

     They have opinions about things that have not a DAMN thing to do with their lives, yet they believe themselves and their life choices to be so superior that what THEY are offended by should be address….  SAY WHAT?!?!? 

      “Did you hear what he said?  That is so offensive!” SO!  It’s none of your business is it?  Is it going to affect your life and where you sleep?  Is it going to stop you from paying your bills?  How about this “OMG, did you see what she was wearing?”,  and you get all butt hurt because you are offended by their choice of clothing…. whats gonna happen?  Are your eyes going to fall out of your head because you saw something that offends you?  STOP LOOKING and move on!  

     I love what the comedian Steve Hughes said ~ “When did sticks and stones make Break my bones stop being relevant”  The Answer….. It didn’t.  What has become more relevant is that we choose to waste our time creating opinions about thousands of things that have abso-freakin-nothing to do with us, our lives and our personal choices.  

     Don’t like the words to a song?  Don’t listen to it.  Don’t like the way some guys talk?  Don’t date them.  

     In a nutshell, If you find lots of things offend you maybe you should take some time to self reflect and decide how much of your brain space you want other non essential people taking up!  And remember to make Everything better Because you are Here!  

Enjoy this guy!  

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