Thursday, December 27, 2012

Socially Savvy 2¢ Worth

 I was reading postings the other day and found my self dumbfounded by people responding to posts with negative comments when they have never had any person experience in regards to the posting and admit it!  What is it in our culture that makes us believe that an uneducated believe or comment based in no fact is something that should be shared?  I think we really need to start being aware of what we are saying.  Start teaching our children that just because you have a voice does not mean you need to voice all thoughts that pop into your head, and if you feel the need to voice those thoughts, at least let it be something based on fact or experience.  Do some homework!  To simply voice a thought based on something we THINK because we have let our imagination run wild is like junk mail…… no one wants it and people will start throwing your stuff away without ever looking at it...... 

A Socially Savvy Start

     Gearing up to start this New Year off right,  I have been privileged to have so many very amazing people around me.  Men and Women, those that think the way I do and hose that don't and those that push and inspire me.  With that said I decided to put together a list of questions to ask myself so I could have a strong starting point to the year and a great map to guide me.  Here is what I came up with:

1.) What do I stand for
2.) What exactly do I want from:
    a.) my personnel relationship
    b.) my business
    c.) my friendships
    d.) my business relationships
3.) How am I seen by others ~ what is their "take" on me and does it matter
4.) Am I aware of those around me and if not how can i be more aware
5.) Am I a bystander or do I have the courage to stand up for what I believe in
6.) What can I learn to get me where I want to be

As I go thru this next week I will add more and welcome any comments for questions to consider adding!
Have a Socially Savvy week!