Sunday, June 4, 2017

Wonder Woman ~ Some Savvy Thoughts to Remember

     With the already HUGE success of this movie, there is already so much talk of the Women empowering qualities of what it stands for and How women feel about them selves.  The timing could not be more perfect.  And So, without using the word “But”, I will say this….. DON’T MISS THE OVER ALL POINT!  But I jump ahead a bit, so let me explain.

     Those of us who grew up in the 70’s and early 80’s remember all the wonder woman shows, JLA cartoons, and so so many comic books that took us on adventures of compassion, fighting for what we believe in, actual greek history, and yes learning how to believe in our selves and finding our strengths.  But let’s not forget what she stood for as a entity.  

     Truth, to which the lasso allowed her to get from people.  Strength, which she used to protect and help ALL people.  Beauty, which shined from the inside not just her outward appearance.  Compassion, Empathy, Fierceness, Conviction and Wisdom, all of which shows us the necessity of balance to be effective.  She led and empowered troops to fight, she protected and shielded innocents from harm, she drove and pursued for the truth and she learned and applied that wisdom in her decisions.  She shows us there are no short cuts, only drive, determination, knowledge, understanding, compassion and fortitude.  

     So, back to my point.  If we want to find our inner Wonder Woman, we must strive to be greater than ourselves, greater than our angers, greater than our fears and lear to embrace and extend ourselves to all around us.  In a word, stop the exclusions and start inclusion.  The over all point, embrace all around us who love and unite us. 

     One simple reminder however, remember to identify the evil in the world and recognize, it is rarely as we believe it should appear.  Be wise, educate yourself and always have Love in your heart.  The hate will twist you and change you.  You must stay true to you.  

As always, just my thoughts.  “Remember, make everything better because you are here”
Have A Socially Savvy Week, Month and Year!