Thursday, December 27, 2012

Socially Savvy 2¢ Worth

 I was reading postings the other day and found my self dumbfounded by people responding to posts with negative comments when they have never had any person experience in regards to the posting and admit it!  What is it in our culture that makes us believe that an uneducated believe or comment based in no fact is something that should be shared?  I think we really need to start being aware of what we are saying.  Start teaching our children that just because you have a voice does not mean you need to voice all thoughts that pop into your head, and if you feel the need to voice those thoughts, at least let it be something based on fact or experience.  Do some homework!  To simply voice a thought based on something we THINK because we have let our imagination run wild is like junk mail…… no one wants it and people will start throwing your stuff away without ever looking at it...... 

A Socially Savvy Start

     Gearing up to start this New Year off right,  I have been privileged to have so many very amazing people around me.  Men and Women, those that think the way I do and hose that don't and those that push and inspire me.  With that said I decided to put together a list of questions to ask myself so I could have a strong starting point to the year and a great map to guide me.  Here is what I came up with:

1.) What do I stand for
2.) What exactly do I want from:
    a.) my personnel relationship
    b.) my business
    c.) my friendships
    d.) my business relationships
3.) How am I seen by others ~ what is their "take" on me and does it matter
4.) Am I aware of those around me and if not how can i be more aware
5.) Am I a bystander or do I have the courage to stand up for what I believe in
6.) What can I learn to get me where I want to be

As I go thru this next week I will add more and welcome any comments for questions to consider adding!
Have a Socially Savvy week!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Hopefull or Inspirational

    It occurred to me on my run today that we are in a transitional Age…..coming from The Entitled and going to the what? 
It has been talked about that this shall be called the Age of Hope, but the more I think about it the more I believe that is only a transition and not the finish.
    We Hope things will get better, We have Hope that people will change and we Hope we can get thru the tough times, but really isn't that just saying "I will try?"  That gets you moving, but can it keep you going? 
    I was thinking about a race.  the runners at the starting line, waiting for the trigger…..the fans on the side lines ready to cheer on their favorite runner, Judges ready to asses winners.  Everyone starting off with Hope.  But How do they finish?  The race starts with a bang and the runners take off, blood pumping, adrenaline flowing, fans cheering, the combination now of Hope and determination, those doing and those watching.  Then the first runner falls….their hope falters, the fans catch their breath wondering if they will get up, their hope faltering in the runner, the judges waiting.  This runner stays down.  they are defeated and those that cheered them on have lost hope and have nothing left but sadness at what could have been. 
The race is still going and another runner falls.  Fans gasp waiting with anticipation to see if another is done…… this runner cries out, gets up and takes off again!  what has happened?  the fans go nuts, they stand jumping around,  cheering and clapping and encouraging….they are inspired!  The runner may take first place or they may take last, but it does not matter.  They finish.  They inspire! 
    So what is the difference?  Hopeful people require others and things to help them get places and while they show other's a path, they can leave them ( the fans) feeling empty and a loss of hope if they don't continue on.  Inspired people find their way and inspire others to do the same.  They leave everyone feeling better because they were there…… not sad because they tried.
    How does this look in regular life?  Socially Hopefully people fill every room.  They talk of dreams, direction and struggles.  What they are trying to do.  They are trying.  Inspired people lift those around them at any function with their words and their deeds, setting the example never to give up and make every effort a success of some kind!  They leave everyone better off than they were before.
    So, what are you?  Hopeful or Inspiring?  If your not sure, start with Hopeful, but transition in to inspiring!
Here's to an Incredibly Savvy Life!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Earned Success

It occurs to me listening to the news and watching the Olympics, just how screwed up our societies view's can really be.  So many people working hard to achieve something great, yet when someone does well, we seem to automatically link their success with someone else's failure.  I think this is wrong.
Your success is not about someone else's failure….It is about your success!  The hard work, time energy and dedication put into achieving a specific goal has been done.  In those final moments where you put it all on the line….if you keep it together and NAIL it….it is yours.  It was your time and YOU decided beyond a showdown of a doubt with your body that it was time.  Someone else's failure is a chapter in THEIR book, not yours because they did not do what you just did…..  We need to stop making excuses for failure and start celebrating the success's again without bias!  Just some food for thought.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Peace of Mind

There are the external things in life that bring you peace….. music, yoga, mediation and running to name a few.  But if you are truly looking for peace of mind take care in how you treat people…. show them respect, appreciation and genuine interest when speaking with them.  Don't' waste peoples time by using them, expecting something for nothing and not valuing their time and then expect to feel at peace with yourself.   Karma is a Bitch and it sucks when she is looking at YOU!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Socially Savvy thought on Swag Bags

    With one of the Best way to advertise being getting product directly into the hands of the consumers, Swag bags have been a huge hit these last few years.  Look at any Charity Event, Open, Launch or Social Event and you are bound to see Swag Bags!  But what is a Swag Bag?  Swag or Schwag, are articles of merchandise (often branded with a logo) used in marketing and communication programs. They are given away to promote a company, corporate image, brand, or event. These items are usually imprinted with a company's name, logo or slogan. 
    What is the difference between a Swag bag and a Goodie Bag?  A Swag as defined above has product - any thing from full size product to samples are usually best, but sometimes great offers like a free item or 50% off, but mostly product.  A Goodie Bag can have a couple pieces of product but usually have lot's of flyer's, coupons and advertisements in them. 
    But like any advertising, it helps to know what is working, so how do the companies know if swag is working?  Well, here are a couple ways you can Let them know! 
    Like the companies Facebook page and comment on the event that their swag was in!  Any Photo's or thoughts you have on the product help the companies enormously!  Second, Leave a note on the Event page or Facebook page of the Event thanking them for the swag, and if you know how, link your favorite swag items companies in the note.  Third, when you buy their product, let the company know again, by leaving a note on Facebook or email.  The more feedback a company get's the more apt they are to provide swag and continue providing swag!
    So if you have a Swag Bag from an event ~ take a moment to go like a couple Facebook pages and make a couple comments~  who know's, they may even give you More Swag!  ;)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Food for Social thought......

     From a women's point of view…. the most frustrating thing is to hear a man brag about his strength, power  and putting up with a women but yet be unable to face his own faults. 
    We live in a world full of the reality of "the entitled".  where people only have the ability to see THEIR view point.  The things they do and the sacrifices they made.  This is where we all lose.  With a divorce rate of over 72%!!!!! you would  think we would start asking the question 'why"….. but instead we are pointing the finger.   It is one of  the saddest revolutions of our country and no one see's it. 
    We celebrate our freedoms….our choices….our liberties…. and our rights…… all the while forgetting that each and every humane being has those same rights,  We tromp on others as we forge our own…..
    So the question remains…..what do we have to offer our children?  Can we show them how to weather a long term relationship?  can we teach them how to save?  can we show them how to sacrifice for what they want in life?  No…we can't… who's fault is it if our children fail?????
     IF WE are not willing to change…… who will set the pace for the next generation?
Just food for Social though…..

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Socially Savvy Rules for Friend Requesting

It has occurred to me that there are a lot of "less than common sense" people out there friend requesting people on Facebook, and then trying to chat with them and approach them in ways that are so far from reality it stuns the imagination.  So Here is to the less than savvy Facebook friend requester.

Rules for Socially Savvy Friend Requesting
1.) If you are going to friend request someone you have never met before in person, know their relationship status and RESPECT it!
    There is nothing more irritating, annoying and down right stupid that some guy friend requesting a girl that has married on her "about me" and has posting on her page like,"out to dinner with Hubby", "on get away with Hubby" and having him start asking things like "how old are you< what do you do for a living, your hot".  Really?  Hint:  if you do this, this would be why you are single!!!!

2.) Take a Hint.  If for some reason you are unable to go thru the natural process to see the relationship status and realize they are not available then you need to learn to take a hint.  So when you ask the question what are you doing, and they answer, " working"…..that is code for "are you kidding me??? you could not read my status and see i am in a relationship????  So not talking to you!

3.)  If you have totally missed both 1 & 2 you really want to pick up on #3 or you will get blocked.  This is simply to be a normal humane being and say " have a nice night" when they come back with a detailed message about being in a relationship.  If you do not want to be talked about on Facebook as "one of those freaks"  learn to understand English and take the less than subtle hints.  Or you will be considered just as bad as small pox! 

Sincerely, So freaking tired of lazy, freko guys messaging me.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

You just might be an Un-Savvy Drinker if....

The thing about being a Un-savvy Drinker is that you get so drunk you do stupid things ( there is no nice way to say that)  This is very easily remedied……. Drink less.

You just might be an Un-savvy Drinker if…

~ You wake up on a toilet in the bar

~ Your an angry drunk

~ You don't remember paying your Bill

~ More than 2 people ask why your taking their drink

~ Your Designated Driver also has to carry you out

~ You get thrown out of the establishment

~ You drop your drink orders on other people's tabs

~ You start dropping F-Bombs like a jet fighter

~ You can't remember where you parked your car…….yesterday

~ The wait staff keeps "forgetting" to take your order

~ You get nicknames like "The Happy Clapper"

~ Your friend's look at your friend and say " Oh, your babysitting tonight…"

~ You "OPEN" a sealed dessert as someones table and eat part of it!

~ Everytime you see a camera you pose for a picture and then then next day tell the photographer to       take them all down cuz you look bad…..

~ You say you will split a bottle with someone and then leave without paying…

~ Your Facebook posts say things like " I hate everyone's Drama!"  ( note - you just created Drama)

~ Someone knocks you out……

~ You get in fights every weekend with the guys

~ Your an Alcoholic

~ Your often left standing alone in the bar

~ You assume that just because you have been invited to sit at someone's table, their drinks are your drinks

~ You Lose your "filter" and start spewing everything and anything that enters your mind" 

~ You start a sentence with "I Hate my life"


More to come….

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Socially Savvy - Don't be a Leach....

     Being new to the Social scene ( only the last 3 years) i find it ironic that I am writing a blog about what is Socially acceptable and unacceptable……But here we go……..

    There seems to be a common thread of a lack of common sense when it comes to being out socially and indulging in alcohol……  I personally thought that after college some things just kinda became  common knowledge, but the last few weeks have taught me otherwise.  So here we are pointing out what I feel would be the obvious yet again!

    In the social scene you have a few different kinds of people. 
     First, You have the regulars.  They enjoy going out often.  Then have established a relationship with their favorite spots and are treated accordingly - this usually includes a semblance of VIP treatment when they come by RSVP or last min.  This does not mean that they are always accommodated, but rather, when ever it is feasible, they are taken very good care of.
    The second type are the occasional social.  They may only go out a couple times a month, but they not only indulge well at the establishments they goto, but they treat people well, so they are treated well. 
    Finally, the 3rd type.  these are…..for lack of a better word…. the leaches.  They go out often, but have no clout, no respect and no manners, so they have earned nothing.  So how do they continue to socialize?  they leach off others!  Let me explain.  They are the entitled.  They believe the deserve something they have not earned.  So to get it they use people who have earned it!  You know the ones I am talking about.  They come by your table……sit down, drink your boozes, eat your food and don't leave so much as a tip to help out with the cost.  They think everyone owes them something or they think they are so beautiful that you are privileged to have them at your table  whilst they indulge in your hospitality.  
    The saddest thing about this is that they never think how they affect the lives of the people they leach off of.  They are after all beautiful and therefore Justified. 
    So here is my less than subtle clue for everyone.  If you so much as take a french fry…..Drink a glass of bubbly or sip some wine…..make sure you compensate financially for it.  NOBODY owes you anything!  If you don't want people to start telling the front door your not welcome, be an adult and pay your own way.  I don't care how beautiful you are or what you think you are owed.  Put your big boy/girl pants on and pay your own way!  Its a matter of respect!..  xoxo!  ;)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Are you an Average American

The Average American:

Watches 4 hour and 49 min of TV a Day

Drives 33.4 miles per day

Is 17 pounds over weight

Brings home 30K a year

Has just 9 days of vacation a year

Sleeps 8.5 hours a night

Has less than $3000 in savings

Complete's 13 years of school

Some of the most successful people in the world

Sleep between 2 -5 hours a night

Watch very little if no tv at all

Take vacations out of country as well as for a week or more at a time

Prioritize savings over having "things"

Tend to be more healthy and energetic due to making health a priority

Don't rely on swear words to get their points across - they have a larger vocabulary to draw from.

Went to school but the amount of time didn't matter - it's how much they retain that counts

    Here is the bottom line…..We are all running the race of life.  Successful people fall down just like the Average American…..they just get up faster and more often and refocus on their run.  So you have to ask yourself, "Am I an average American?"  and if so, Do you want to stay that way. 
    Do what the Average American does and be average……… or be willing to do what most won't and Discover what success looks like to you! 

Friday, April 27, 2012

So you think I'm Lucky

      Can I tell you how many times I hear that in a week???  You're so lucky to have a good man…… your so lucky to have a great job…..Your so lucky to have such well mannered kids…..
     You have got to be kidding me?!?!?!?!  Luck has 

N O T H I N G to do with it!!!!

    Think about this for a min….If you first thought is "they are so lucky"…..Then you my friend are on the wrong track! 
    Consider this…… when you look at someone and think…"they are so lucky"….What are you really saying?  Do you really think "LUCK" had everything to do with it?  If your answer is yes, then you will stay right where you are at!  Until you get out of your own way and stop looking for excuses for why someone else has something and you don't, you will get no farther than you are. 
    Imagine this…..You are hiking up a hill…..You get uncomfortable and stop for lunch…then you take a nap….Then you look around for water, fill your jug and decide your hungry again….The other person you were hiking with kept going and is now at the top of the hill.  Are they lucky they got there?
    Just saying……. If you keep on going with your destination in mind, you will eventually get to where you are going.  Stay out of your own way and don't get distracted by the "nap" in life!

Friday, April 13, 2012

No Tresspassing Please!!!

          It has come to my attention over and over and over and OVER again that people just don’t THINK when it comes to posting on other peoples facebook pages.  So I put together this comparison to help the slow ones understand!

           My facebook page is PRIVATE PROPERTY!!!!  What about this is in any way confusing?!?!?  Yes, you can look at it from the street, goggle earth me or in true stalker form click a picture as you drive by because I am a part of the public!  But, for some reason some people get confused as to what is theirs to touch.  Remember the saying “if it’s not your don’t touch it?!?”

            Like my house, on my facebook I have many friends who drop by to say Hi.  They leave a note on the door (posting) if I’m not home, send me message thru my mail and WHEN INVITED attend parties and dinners with me.  So let me now take the time to EXPLAIN why you can’t just post anything you want on my page!

            Posting links, your business specials, pictures I am NOT in, and “Hey have you seen” on my wall is like putting posters on my house, Sticking advertisements in my lawn and using my driveway as your own reader board for advertising!  It’s called trespassing!!!!  People PLEASE! I don’t get what about this is not clear?!?!?

          SO, in a nutshell, start treating people’s facebook pages like their homes.  Learn some manners and ask before doing ANYTHING!!!


Friday, April 6, 2012

The Power of the Referral

It stuns and amazes me just how much our society takes for granted.  As funds get less and less you would think that businesses would get this concept…..but alas No,  So let me tell you a story about a business that got it.

            I had someone come to me with the name of a location that they thought they wanted to take their team to that had just earned the number one spot in their company in the NATION!  The Corporation that they worked for saw fit to reward them with a night out socializing.  So plans were set in motion and I was contacted to see if I could help make it great.  I contacted my contacts at the location they suggested and received the “talk with this person – they are in charge of that kind of event.”  So I did.  What I got from that was the “Here are our rates for that kind of event”.  Nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary.  The Regional contacted me to finalize the details as some of the corporate peeps were going to be a part of this celebration, and when they saw the details they were less than impressed.   Some of the Corporate people were not going to be coming in so they decided to scale down and  asked me “Would you suggest something else?”   So I did.  I contacted one of my favorite locations for socializing.  They have always taken great care of me and my associates as well as friends so I texted them the info and in less than a day they had things set up.
            The day of, I followed up with a phone call as the peeps were headed their way to celebrate, to touch base on the  details and upon finding out where they had set them up asked if they had a more plush area they could set them up with and let them know the details for the reason of the celebration.  They made adjustments in 5 min and surprised them with a bottle of Celebratory Bubbly!  My associates were impressed as was I.
            When I stopped in to see how the evening was progressing they all had smiles and oodles of  praise for the location, drinks food and staff!  It was the perfect match. 
            So here is what I say to you…..Treat your referral’s like Gold because they are Gold.  There is no better advertising than the power of a positive experience when people’s money is on the line.  Respect it and be thankful for it!  THAT is Socially Savvy!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Socially Savvy – a Positive twist and a 7 day Challenge

 We wake up each day with a boat load of things to get done, people to see, relationships to start, build and even end, running half crazy most of the time.  And it seems that only when strong emotions are triggered do we stop to take notice and usually those strong emotions are negative.  Someone has irritated us, mistreated us or through their lack of awareness let us slip thru the cracks.  This poses a problem if we are to create a more positive culture.
            Think about this for a moment.  All the businesses…. restaurants, lounges, department stores, repair shops,  construction companies, postal services………. All the business associates, mechanics, grocery clerks, sales associates, wait staff, garbage men and customer service people that make our lives easier and nicer on a day to day or visit to visit basis.  How often do you let them know you appreciate what they do?  Do you just expect it to be fab everytime? 
            We all need that positive reinforcement that what we are doing is making a difference in someone’s lives so someone needs to be the catalyst for this……will it be you?  Take time over the next 7 days to look the people in the eye that serve you and say “thank you”.  Follow up with a Review on google or Yelp, a customer service letter or comments to their manager.  Best is to commit it to paper so they can see it over and over again, to remind them that what they do makes a difference, and so that other’s may know what their strength are as well. 
            1 week to focus on the positive…… I wonder what will become of it…….

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Socially Savvy Drinking

Here's one for the road folks!  Socially Savvy Drinking......kinda sounds like an oxymoron, but we are going to go there anyway! 
     There is a big part of Today's Social experience that includes drinking of alcoholic beverages, so i felt we should cover some of the do's and don't of Socially drinking as there have been quite a few examples of late of what NOT to do!  So let's start with the definition of Savvy: shrewd and knowledgeable in the realities of life.  Drinking: consume or be in the habit of consuming alcohol, esp. to excess......
With those definitions in mind, it is possible to be a Socially Savvy Drinker?  The answer, of course, is Yes…. It just takes some effort!  So, let’s start with this little bit of reality.  When we decide to go out and have a night on the town, we are usually wanting to let go, relax, step away from the reality of our daily lives, stresses, jobs etc or celebrate milestones in our lives.  With that said, I would think it would be assumed that part of being Savvy when people are drinking would be to NOT be the person or persons to mess up a perfectly good Buzz that we just paid good money to enjoy, by being rude, inconsiderate, Obnoxious or just plain stupid!  Here are some facts to consider:

  1. Drinking is expensive…..don’t be the one to waste peoples money by messing up their buzz! 
    1. Friends:  Stay positive and up beat – now is not the time to bring up topics of tention
    2. Businesses:  Reminder – we are PAYING you to get intoxicated!!!!  Anything you do to mess that up is not only rude, but just plain bad business.  Teach your employee’s to think ahead, have solutions to problems BEFORE you approach customers with issues, and make sure to accommodate accordingly when your company has made a mistake or planned poorly.  Don’t make us quite literally pay for it!
    3. Drinker – use discretion – you are paying good money to enjoy these beverages…..  don’t waste it by over indulging!  This is a Social experience….if you want to get wasted, go home where you won’t mess up anyone elses evening!!!
  2. Know what kind of drinker you are: 
    1. Happy drinker
    2. Don’t drink often
    3. Abnoxious drinker
    4. Loud
    5. Angry
    6. Sleeper
  3. Know where you body is:  be aware – have you been eating much that day?  How about working out a lot and rapidly droping your body fat levels?  These all affect how your body process the alcohol you are ingesting so think before you get going so you don’t go to far!
Driving arrangements – Have these set in place BEFORE you start drinking!  If you’re the DD, don’t change your plans and expect someone else to drive your drunk friend home!  Make sure to have cab money just in case or check with your restaurant/lounge manager – lot’s of times they have worked out special rates with local hotels so you can stay in town and be safe!
     Here are some Socially Acceptable & Not acceptable things to consider...
Socially Acceptable –
  1. To not drink a drink someone buys for you!  To often this is where trouble begins – you order your drinks knowing you limits but then people start buying you drinks and you lose touch.  Thank them and ask for a raincheck
  2. Apologize if you do something stupid while drinking – don’t blame it on the alcohol, just say sorry

(LB) Socially Unacceptable
  1. To not know what level of drinking is too much for you!
  2. Argue in public when drunk – keep it to yourself till you get sober – usually works out better that way
  3. Drop your drinks on someone elses tab!  WHY do I even have to say this?!!!?

If Social is the goal, than remember, to do that people have to want to be around you! 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Savvy Power outage & snow tips

Ok – so the power is out and there is snow on your deck……  time to turn the house inside out!  Here are some tips to keep your house and your family afloat till things are back on track!

Food – Grab your cooler and through it out on the deck!  Your refrigerator & freezer will get warmer but your food can stay cold!  Milk, juices and spreads do great just placed in the snow! 

Cooking with no power - 

            BBQ – it’s great for more than just summer weather and you can put a pan in it and cook everything from meats to chocolate chip cookies! 

            Car power – For those of you who have car’s with an outlet or have a outlet adapter for your cigaret lighter: you can plug in a portable grill and tailgate it – put on some music and make the best of it! 

            Wood stoves – Need I say more – these things are the quintessential life saver when power goes out – so don’t be afraid to throw on a pot and make some tea or soup!!!

Don’t forget things like:

 ~ Letting your water drip to keep freeze from happening in the pipes

 ~Try to clear snow off your wood decks – it is uber hard on the wood and will age it


~ check snowy branches around entry ways, windows and driveways – try to get the heavy snow off so you don’t have blockages and breakage.

Places to go for the family:

            The Mall – is of course the first and most diverse place – food, shelter & heat

            Entertainment places:  Bowling alleys like Lucky strike, Work out gyms,  YMCA, the movie cinemas, and gaming stores usually are open if they have power. 

            Local Hotels – create a staycation by staying a night in town and enjoying in door pools, workout rooms and walks around the surrounding shopping areas.

Driving ~ The thing about driving in the snow is not the moving part.....its the stopping part.  Down inclines and hills:
Make sure to leave lot's of room between you and others so you can navigate through sliding and slipping.  Move slow and remember brakes are the enemy on snow and ice so avoid using them when possible.  
Up Hills:  The key to success with this is NEVER stop....  slow moving, power thru and steady eddy are the name of the game if you are going to make it up anything.  Look for fresh snow to grip when you can and salted areas.  Not a bad idea to keep some sand, salt and a shovel in your car just in case you get stuck - sometimes it only takes a couple inches of traction to get you going. 

Have a Generator?  Maximize your usage with things like pluggin in your hot water heater and taking bath's instead of showers......after bathing - leave the hot water in the tub and keep the door open - the heat it produces will continue for a couple hours atleast and take the edge off!  

Hope this helps and be safe!

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Savvy Start to your New Year

     Here we are at the beginning of a brand new year..... Full of hope, possibility and opportunity.  What do we do with it from here to make sure we can make the most of our year?  Here are some tips on how to get started AND keep the momentum going!

1.)   Write down the top 10 things you want from this year – make sure they are at least somewhat attainable!  ;)

2.)   Write down the steps you believe you need to take to get to those goals:  i.e. time invested, contact’s necessary, financial needs and personnel commitment

3.)   Set things in motion:  each week, make sure you are doing something to keep on track for where you want to be – follow up, follow thru and maintain.

4.)   Track your progress – there is nothing like being able to see even the slightest results to help keep you moving forward

5.)   Be prepared for failure.  When attempting anything, you will run into walls, loss of motivation or just downright hopelessness…. Remember this one thing – at any given moment thru your own actions, you can redirect or change your course if your not getting what you want….. You simply have to DO something and not wait for something to happen

6.)   Reward yourself – every self help, motivational book and speaker all say the same thing – make rewards for yourself along the road to your success!  You have earned them!

7.)   Reach out and bring in other’s to help – People love to help and be a part of things so look to those around you and don’t be afraid to approach them to bounce ideas off, pick their brain for idea’s or just get encouragement

8.)   Review and adjust.  Make sure you take time to check that you are where you wanted to be and not derailing of course.  Life will throw lot’s of things at you and some can be very tempting…. be sure that if you redirect, it feeds your original intention before jumping out there.

9.)   Finally, enjoy the fruit’s of your labor and share.  People need to see other’s succeed!  Feed the Hope of other’s around you by sharing in a positive uplifting manner, your success and encourage them on their own path!

Have a GREAT Start to this New Year!