Friday, April 13, 2012

No Tresspassing Please!!!

          It has come to my attention over and over and over and OVER again that people just don’t THINK when it comes to posting on other peoples facebook pages.  So I put together this comparison to help the slow ones understand!

           My facebook page is PRIVATE PROPERTY!!!!  What about this is in any way confusing?!?!?  Yes, you can look at it from the street, goggle earth me or in true stalker form click a picture as you drive by because I am a part of the public!  But, for some reason some people get confused as to what is theirs to touch.  Remember the saying “if it’s not your don’t touch it?!?”

            Like my house, on my facebook I have many friends who drop by to say Hi.  They leave a note on the door (posting) if I’m not home, send me message thru my mail and WHEN INVITED attend parties and dinners with me.  So let me now take the time to EXPLAIN why you can’t just post anything you want on my page!

            Posting links, your business specials, pictures I am NOT in, and “Hey have you seen” on my wall is like putting posters on my house, Sticking advertisements in my lawn and using my driveway as your own reader board for advertising!  It’s called trespassing!!!!  People PLEASE! I don’t get what about this is not clear?!?!?

          SO, in a nutshell, start treating people’s facebook pages like their homes.  Learn some manners and ask before doing ANYTHING!!!


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