Friday, April 27, 2012

So you think I'm Lucky

      Can I tell you how many times I hear that in a week???  You're so lucky to have a good man…… your so lucky to have a great job…..Your so lucky to have such well mannered kids…..
     You have got to be kidding me?!?!?!?!  Luck has 

N O T H I N G to do with it!!!!

    Think about this for a min….If you first thought is "they are so lucky"…..Then you my friend are on the wrong track! 
    Consider this…… when you look at someone and think…"they are so lucky"….What are you really saying?  Do you really think "LUCK" had everything to do with it?  If your answer is yes, then you will stay right where you are at!  Until you get out of your own way and stop looking for excuses for why someone else has something and you don't, you will get no farther than you are. 
    Imagine this…..You are hiking up a hill…..You get uncomfortable and stop for lunch…then you take a nap….Then you look around for water, fill your jug and decide your hungry again….The other person you were hiking with kept going and is now at the top of the hill.  Are they lucky they got there?
    Just saying……. If you keep on going with your destination in mind, you will eventually get to where you are going.  Stay out of your own way and don't get distracted by the "nap" in life!

Friday, April 13, 2012

No Tresspassing Please!!!

          It has come to my attention over and over and over and OVER again that people just don’t THINK when it comes to posting on other peoples facebook pages.  So I put together this comparison to help the slow ones understand!

           My facebook page is PRIVATE PROPERTY!!!!  What about this is in any way confusing?!?!?  Yes, you can look at it from the street, goggle earth me or in true stalker form click a picture as you drive by because I am a part of the public!  But, for some reason some people get confused as to what is theirs to touch.  Remember the saying “if it’s not your don’t touch it?!?”

            Like my house, on my facebook I have many friends who drop by to say Hi.  They leave a note on the door (posting) if I’m not home, send me message thru my mail and WHEN INVITED attend parties and dinners with me.  So let me now take the time to EXPLAIN why you can’t just post anything you want on my page!

            Posting links, your business specials, pictures I am NOT in, and “Hey have you seen” on my wall is like putting posters on my house, Sticking advertisements in my lawn and using my driveway as your own reader board for advertising!  It’s called trespassing!!!!  People PLEASE! I don’t get what about this is not clear?!?!?

          SO, in a nutshell, start treating people’s facebook pages like their homes.  Learn some manners and ask before doing ANYTHING!!!


Friday, April 6, 2012

The Power of the Referral

It stuns and amazes me just how much our society takes for granted.  As funds get less and less you would think that businesses would get this concept…..but alas No,  So let me tell you a story about a business that got it.

            I had someone come to me with the name of a location that they thought they wanted to take their team to that had just earned the number one spot in their company in the NATION!  The Corporation that they worked for saw fit to reward them with a night out socializing.  So plans were set in motion and I was contacted to see if I could help make it great.  I contacted my contacts at the location they suggested and received the “talk with this person – they are in charge of that kind of event.”  So I did.  What I got from that was the “Here are our rates for that kind of event”.  Nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary.  The Regional contacted me to finalize the details as some of the corporate peeps were going to be a part of this celebration, and when they saw the details they were less than impressed.   Some of the Corporate people were not going to be coming in so they decided to scale down and  asked me “Would you suggest something else?”   So I did.  I contacted one of my favorite locations for socializing.  They have always taken great care of me and my associates as well as friends so I texted them the info and in less than a day they had things set up.
            The day of, I followed up with a phone call as the peeps were headed their way to celebrate, to touch base on the  details and upon finding out where they had set them up asked if they had a more plush area they could set them up with and let them know the details for the reason of the celebration.  They made adjustments in 5 min and surprised them with a bottle of Celebratory Bubbly!  My associates were impressed as was I.
            When I stopped in to see how the evening was progressing they all had smiles and oodles of  praise for the location, drinks food and staff!  It was the perfect match. 
            So here is what I say to you…..Treat your referral’s like Gold because they are Gold.  There is no better advertising than the power of a positive experience when people’s money is on the line.  Respect it and be thankful for it!  THAT is Socially Savvy!