Sunday, May 8, 2016

“Communicate Don’t Opinionate ~ LB Dutchess”

     It amazes me these days just how intolerant and misguided we have become as a country.  I say country because while the rest of the world is not necessarily all that much better than us, they don't seem to be wallowing in the murky depths of misunderstanding that we seem to be.  

     Let me explain.  

     Because of social media, text and blogging (not to mention normal face to face interactions) we as a country say ALOT.  I mean ALOT!  We voice our opinions more times in a day that most people eat in a week in the rest of the world and we make one critical mistake...... We think we are communicating.  WRONG MISTERRRRRR!  We are "Opininating".  Yes, that is correct "Opinionating" and yes I made that up.  What is "Opininating" you might ask, well here is my definition ~ speaking, writing or otherwise relaying information about a view or judgment we have formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge without thought of if the information is being received.  

     We as a society "Opinionate" ALOT.  Now this is where I will lose some of you because this is where you get really confused and think your communicating.  

     Define Communication ~ 1. the imparting or exchanging of information or news. 2. means of connection between people or places.  

     Here is the kicker ~ in order to TRULY communicate, the other person has to HEAR you!  
A~HA!  I got you!  A large percentage of us forget to actually pay attention and see if the people we are "Opinionating" to can actually "hear us" and create connumication!  
    Think of it like this, It's like that static on the old black and white TV's when the channels used to go off the air and when poltergeist comes thru your TV!  And it has the same effect too..... all we want to do is turn it off or run screaming from it!  How is that communicating???  

     SO!  When you go to share information or views take a moment to look at why and how you are going about it.  Are you insulting people?  Are you intolerant?  Are you yelling or gesturing like a crazy person?  Can people even get a word in edge wise or respond to your "post" without a national disaster?  Think about it.  IF you want to be heard, you must first learn to listen and second learn to communicate, and THAT requires you to be able to do more that just state your opinions ("Opinionating")

    So, in a nutshell ~ Be Savvy and Communicate.  

     Till next time ~ Make everything better because you are here!