Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Socially Savvy Rules for Friend Requesting

It has occurred to me that there are a lot of "less than common sense" people out there friend requesting people on Facebook, and then trying to chat with them and approach them in ways that are so far from reality it stuns the imagination.  So Here is to the less than savvy Facebook friend requester.

Rules for Socially Savvy Friend Requesting
1.) If you are going to friend request someone you have never met before in person, know their relationship status and RESPECT it!
    There is nothing more irritating, annoying and down right stupid that some guy friend requesting a girl that has married on her "about me" and has posting on her page like,"out to dinner with Hubby", "on get away with Hubby" and having him start asking things like "how old are you< what do you do for a living, your hot".  Really?  Hint:  if you do this, this would be why you are single!!!!

2.) Take a Hint.  If for some reason you are unable to go thru the natural process to see the relationship status and realize they are not available then you need to learn to take a hint.  So when you ask the question what are you doing, and they answer, " working"…..that is code for "are you kidding me??? you could not read my status and see i am in a relationship????  So not talking to you!

3.)  If you have totally missed both 1 & 2 you really want to pick up on #3 or you will get blocked.  This is simply to be a normal humane being and say " have a nice night" when they come back with a detailed message about being in a relationship.  If you do not want to be talked about on Facebook as "one of those freaks"  learn to understand English and take the less than subtle hints.  Or you will be considered just as bad as small pox! 

Sincerely, So freaking tired of lazy, freko guys messaging me.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

You just might be an Un-Savvy Drinker if....

The thing about being a Un-savvy Drinker is that you get so drunk you do stupid things ( there is no nice way to say that)  This is very easily remedied……. Drink less.

You just might be an Un-savvy Drinker if…

~ You wake up on a toilet in the bar

~ Your an angry drunk

~ You don't remember paying your Bill

~ More than 2 people ask why your taking their drink

~ Your Designated Driver also has to carry you out

~ You get thrown out of the establishment

~ You drop your drink orders on other people's tabs

~ You start dropping F-Bombs like a jet fighter

~ You can't remember where you parked your car…….yesterday

~ The wait staff keeps "forgetting" to take your order

~ You get nicknames like "The Happy Clapper"

~ Your friend's look at your friend and say " Oh, your babysitting tonight…"

~ You "OPEN" a sealed dessert as someones table and eat part of it!

~ Everytime you see a camera you pose for a picture and then then next day tell the photographer to       take them all down cuz you look bad…..

~ You say you will split a bottle with someone and then leave without paying…

~ Your Facebook posts say things like " I hate everyone's Drama!"  ( note - you just created Drama)

~ Someone knocks you out……

~ You get in fights every weekend with the guys

~ Your an Alcoholic

~ Your often left standing alone in the bar

~ You assume that just because you have been invited to sit at someone's table, their drinks are your drinks

~ You Lose your "filter" and start spewing everything and anything that enters your mind" 

~ You start a sentence with "I Hate my life"


More to come….