Thursday, June 7, 2012

You just might be an Un-Savvy Drinker if....

The thing about being a Un-savvy Drinker is that you get so drunk you do stupid things ( there is no nice way to say that)  This is very easily remedied……. Drink less.

You just might be an Un-savvy Drinker if…

~ You wake up on a toilet in the bar

~ Your an angry drunk

~ You don't remember paying your Bill

~ More than 2 people ask why your taking their drink

~ Your Designated Driver also has to carry you out

~ You get thrown out of the establishment

~ You drop your drink orders on other people's tabs

~ You start dropping F-Bombs like a jet fighter

~ You can't remember where you parked your car…….yesterday

~ The wait staff keeps "forgetting" to take your order

~ You get nicknames like "The Happy Clapper"

~ Your friend's look at your friend and say " Oh, your babysitting tonight…"

~ You "OPEN" a sealed dessert as someones table and eat part of it!

~ Everytime you see a camera you pose for a picture and then then next day tell the photographer to       take them all down cuz you look bad…..

~ You say you will split a bottle with someone and then leave without paying…

~ Your Facebook posts say things like " I hate everyone's Drama!"  ( note - you just created Drama)

~ Someone knocks you out……

~ You get in fights every weekend with the guys

~ Your an Alcoholic

~ Your often left standing alone in the bar

~ You assume that just because you have been invited to sit at someone's table, their drinks are your drinks

~ You Lose your "filter" and start spewing everything and anything that enters your mind" 

~ You start a sentence with "I Hate my life"


More to come….

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