Friday, September 28, 2012

Hopefull or Inspirational

    It occurred to me on my run today that we are in a transitional Age…..coming from The Entitled and going to the what? 
It has been talked about that this shall be called the Age of Hope, but the more I think about it the more I believe that is only a transition and not the finish.
    We Hope things will get better, We have Hope that people will change and we Hope we can get thru the tough times, but really isn't that just saying "I will try?"  That gets you moving, but can it keep you going? 
    I was thinking about a race.  the runners at the starting line, waiting for the trigger…..the fans on the side lines ready to cheer on their favorite runner, Judges ready to asses winners.  Everyone starting off with Hope.  But How do they finish?  The race starts with a bang and the runners take off, blood pumping, adrenaline flowing, fans cheering, the combination now of Hope and determination, those doing and those watching.  Then the first runner falls….their hope falters, the fans catch their breath wondering if they will get up, their hope faltering in the runner, the judges waiting.  This runner stays down.  they are defeated and those that cheered them on have lost hope and have nothing left but sadness at what could have been. 
The race is still going and another runner falls.  Fans gasp waiting with anticipation to see if another is done…… this runner cries out, gets up and takes off again!  what has happened?  the fans go nuts, they stand jumping around,  cheering and clapping and encouraging….they are inspired!  The runner may take first place or they may take last, but it does not matter.  They finish.  They inspire! 
    So what is the difference?  Hopeful people require others and things to help them get places and while they show other's a path, they can leave them ( the fans) feeling empty and a loss of hope if they don't continue on.  Inspired people find their way and inspire others to do the same.  They leave everyone feeling better because they were there…… not sad because they tried.
    How does this look in regular life?  Socially Hopefully people fill every room.  They talk of dreams, direction and struggles.  What they are trying to do.  They are trying.  Inspired people lift those around them at any function with their words and their deeds, setting the example never to give up and make every effort a success of some kind!  They leave everyone better off than they were before.
    So, what are you?  Hopeful or Inspiring?  If your not sure, start with Hopeful, but transition in to inspiring!
Here's to an Incredibly Savvy Life!

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