Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Earned Success

It occurs to me listening to the news and watching the Olympics, just how screwed up our societies view's can really be.  So many people working hard to achieve something great, yet when someone does well, we seem to automatically link their success with someone else's failure.  I think this is wrong.
Your success is not about someone else's failure….It is about your success!  The hard work, time energy and dedication put into achieving a specific goal has been done.  In those final moments where you put it all on the line….if you keep it together and NAIL it….it is yours.  It was your time and YOU decided beyond a showdown of a doubt with your body that it was time.  Someone else's failure is a chapter in THEIR book, not yours because they did not do what you just did…..  We need to stop making excuses for failure and start celebrating the success's again without bias!  Just some food for thought.

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