Thursday, March 29, 2012

Socially Savvy – a Positive twist and a 7 day Challenge

 We wake up each day with a boat load of things to get done, people to see, relationships to start, build and even end, running half crazy most of the time.  And it seems that only when strong emotions are triggered do we stop to take notice and usually those strong emotions are negative.  Someone has irritated us, mistreated us or through their lack of awareness let us slip thru the cracks.  This poses a problem if we are to create a more positive culture.
            Think about this for a moment.  All the businesses…. restaurants, lounges, department stores, repair shops,  construction companies, postal services………. All the business associates, mechanics, grocery clerks, sales associates, wait staff, garbage men and customer service people that make our lives easier and nicer on a day to day or visit to visit basis.  How often do you let them know you appreciate what they do?  Do you just expect it to be fab everytime? 
            We all need that positive reinforcement that what we are doing is making a difference in someone’s lives so someone needs to be the catalyst for this……will it be you?  Take time over the next 7 days to look the people in the eye that serve you and say “thank you”.  Follow up with a Review on google or Yelp, a customer service letter or comments to their manager.  Best is to commit it to paper so they can see it over and over again, to remind them that what they do makes a difference, and so that other’s may know what their strength are as well. 
            1 week to focus on the positive…… I wonder what will become of it…….


  1. Thank you LB for always being the start of kindness and good for this world! I will be doing this challenge starting immediately!

  2. Thank you LB Dutchess; ) I do this every time I go to a store and ask them how 'their' day is going; ) I did retail for 5 years and I remember how horrible and nasty some customers were to me for no reason. I think if everyone did 1 retail Christmas, they would treat everyone around them kindly. I did 5!!! I also will call a grocery store to let the manager know how nice the clerk was. Sharing kindness is a win/win for all sides; ) Love this post!!! XOXO