Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Socially Savvy Drinking

Here's one for the road folks!  Socially Savvy Drinking......kinda sounds like an oxymoron, but we are going to go there anyway! 
     There is a big part of Today's Social experience that includes drinking of alcoholic beverages, so i felt we should cover some of the do's and don't of Socially drinking as there have been quite a few examples of late of what NOT to do!  So let's start with the definition of Savvy: shrewd and knowledgeable in the realities of life.  Drinking: consume or be in the habit of consuming alcohol, esp. to excess......
With those definitions in mind, it is possible to be a Socially Savvy Drinker?  The answer, of course, is Yes…. It just takes some effort!  So, let’s start with this little bit of reality.  When we decide to go out and have a night on the town, we are usually wanting to let go, relax, step away from the reality of our daily lives, stresses, jobs etc or celebrate milestones in our lives.  With that said, I would think it would be assumed that part of being Savvy when people are drinking would be to NOT be the person or persons to mess up a perfectly good Buzz that we just paid good money to enjoy, by being rude, inconsiderate, Obnoxious or just plain stupid!  Here are some facts to consider:

  1. Drinking is expensive…..don’t be the one to waste peoples money by messing up their buzz! 
    1. Friends:  Stay positive and up beat – now is not the time to bring up topics of tention
    2. Businesses:  Reminder – we are PAYING you to get intoxicated!!!!  Anything you do to mess that up is not only rude, but just plain bad business.  Teach your employee’s to think ahead, have solutions to problems BEFORE you approach customers with issues, and make sure to accommodate accordingly when your company has made a mistake or planned poorly.  Don’t make us quite literally pay for it!
    3. Drinker – use discretion – you are paying good money to enjoy these beverages…..  don’t waste it by over indulging!  This is a Social experience….if you want to get wasted, go home where you won’t mess up anyone elses evening!!!
  2. Know what kind of drinker you are: 
    1. Happy drinker
    2. Don’t drink often
    3. Abnoxious drinker
    4. Loud
    5. Angry
    6. Sleeper
  3. Know where you body is:  be aware – have you been eating much that day?  How about working out a lot and rapidly droping your body fat levels?  These all affect how your body process the alcohol you are ingesting so think before you get going so you don’t go to far!
Driving arrangements – Have these set in place BEFORE you start drinking!  If you’re the DD, don’t change your plans and expect someone else to drive your drunk friend home!  Make sure to have cab money just in case or check with your restaurant/lounge manager – lot’s of times they have worked out special rates with local hotels so you can stay in town and be safe!
     Here are some Socially Acceptable & Not acceptable things to consider...
Socially Acceptable –
  1. To not drink a drink someone buys for you!  To often this is where trouble begins – you order your drinks knowing you limits but then people start buying you drinks and you lose touch.  Thank them and ask for a raincheck
  2. Apologize if you do something stupid while drinking – don’t blame it on the alcohol, just say sorry

(LB) Socially Unacceptable
  1. To not know what level of drinking is too much for you!
  2. Argue in public when drunk – keep it to yourself till you get sober – usually works out better that way
  3. Drop your drinks on someone elses tab!  WHY do I even have to say this?!!!?

If Social is the goal, than remember, to do that people have to want to be around you! 

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