Thursday, July 5, 2012

Food for Social thought......

     From a women's point of view…. the most frustrating thing is to hear a man brag about his strength, power  and putting up with a women but yet be unable to face his own faults. 
    We live in a world full of the reality of "the entitled".  where people only have the ability to see THEIR view point.  The things they do and the sacrifices they made.  This is where we all lose.  With a divorce rate of over 72%!!!!! you would  think we would start asking the question 'why"….. but instead we are pointing the finger.   It is one of  the saddest revolutions of our country and no one see's it. 
    We celebrate our freedoms….our choices….our liberties…. and our rights…… all the while forgetting that each and every humane being has those same rights,  We tromp on others as we forge our own…..
    So the question remains…..what do we have to offer our children?  Can we show them how to weather a long term relationship?  can we teach them how to save?  can we show them how to sacrifice for what they want in life?  No…we can't… who's fault is it if our children fail?????
     IF WE are not willing to change…… who will set the pace for the next generation?
Just food for Social though…..

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