Monday, December 5, 2011

Unique Gift Idea's for People who have everything!

This is the time of year when we are in the mood to give!  But what happens when the person you want to Give to has EVERYTHING they could ever need and want???  Well, you get creative!  Everyweek we will be adding to the list so check back often!  Here are some Fun Options for Gifts:
1.) Delille Cellars Harrison Hill has an amazing limited release Wine that comes from the Grapes of the 2nd oldest vines in Washington State!
2.) Corks & Canvas Event - Uncork your creativity while you enjoy wine and channeling your inner Van Gogh!
3.) Chocolate Shop Wine - A unique Dessert wine that can take you back to your childhood with a fun flavor of tootsie roll!
4.) Create an event - find out some childhood memory or fun and recreate it in a journey with them.
5.) Take a beer or wine making class - that can create something new!

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