Thursday, May 1, 2014

Savvy Self thru Communication

     With All of today's technology at our fingertips, even many of the poor are in contestant contact with friends, relatives, people of interest and information.  Computers, workplaces and smart phones keep us tightly connected to those around us on as little as a second by second basis if we choose….So why are we not happier? 
     I believe it is because we choose not to communicate with ourselves.  It is easier to relate to others, judge others and live thru others than it is to take introspect  and stock into our selves, and so at the end of each day, we have failed to gain any real ground in our physical, emotional and spiritual journey.  How do you change this?  How do you find your way back to yourself?
     Step out of your office, leave your computer and your smart phone behind.  Take a walk, a yoga class, sit silently facing the sun and breath and think…..Communicate with yourself and yourself alone.  Give yourself 15 min to an hour a day at least.  Be present for yourself.  Do not fear the mistakes you have made…. face them and learn.  Do not worry for what the future will bring…..plan for what you want YOUR future to bring.  If you have wronged people, think on how to right it and bring peace to your mind and soul.  No one is a lost cause as long as they chose to find themselves.       
     You deserve to communicate with yourself.  You deserve that Time.
Have a Socially Savvy Week and "Make EVERY Event  BETTER Because You Were There!"

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