Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What it takes.....

     I can't tell you how often people ask me, "how do you do everything you do". 
For me, it's just a matter of doing, but i realized that for many others, it's what steps you take to get to the place where you can just do it.  So here is my take on "what it takes"

     First~  you gotta want something BAD!!!!  I mean, REALLY BAD!  You gotta want something bad enough that you wake up in the middle of the night with idea's on how to get to what you want, make what you want or make happen what you want. 
Things like sleeping and eating become a last thought when you are working towards what you want……It's not that you don't get tired or hungry….It's that your mind and body is so focused on moving towards what you want that you can not tear yourself away for long enough to eat or sleep until your body flat say's NOW!!!
You have to be dreaming about it, thinking about it, planning it and living what ever part of it you can every single day.  Phrases like "fake it till you make it" don't really apply because you are living it even if no one else around you understands it!!!

     Second ~ you gotta be willing to do things you have never done before.  This is such an under rated over look facet of moving forward it is absurd!  You are today where you are because of what you have done….If you want to be somewhere else, you HAVE to stretch, expose yourself and do things you have never done to get where you have never been!!!!  It sounds so simple, but try wrapping your head around this……. you just have to try and test the waters!  The fact of the matter is that you will probably fall flat on your face……over and over and over again….get no, after no, after no, after "well maybe if you do this" and have to keep trying.  because in the end….the only failure is giving up.

     And third……It can't just be about you…. you have to lift people up around you.  support others around you and strive to make a difference to those around you.  Everyone successful person will tell you they had a support system, and that support system was NOT handed to them.

     So to summarize….Be willing to fight for what you want….believe in yourself even when you doubt yourself…… and never stop getting up when you fall.  That is where you will find your success…… and that is where you will find out what you are made of! 

Make a difference and make a change!

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