Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Socially Savvy Themed Events

    Like so many other Social aspects of our culture, i find myself amazed that the finer points of attending and planning events are not looked upon in more of a common sense way.  But since they are not, it gives me something to write about, so here we go.

    Over the course of a year there are many different kinds of themed events that come up, so when you see these events, please consider the following:

For those attending:
    When someone puts together a themed event, and by that i mean they fashion it after something specific like a "all white" party, "masked ball" or "80's night" it should be noted that as attendee's you become PART of the event.  What does that mean?  it means that that is part of the allure of the event.  Bringing everyone together to participate in the spirit of the event.  Therefore, it is not only unseemingly but down right rude to not follow the theme or spirit of the event!  When someone says it is an all white party, they don't mean wear a white shirt with jeans….they mean wear all white.  And arguing with the host's of the party because you didn't "know" ( because you didn't read the entire invite) or didn't want to comply makes you an ass.  You should never be surprised when you are told you will not be allowed to enter or asked to go change when you do this.  That is your bad, not theirs.
    If you have questions, message, call or carrier pigeon to find out the answer!  Asking for clarity is not an issue. 
    What you have to understand is that the event host has created a vision of what they want the experience to be for EVERYONE, so either choose to be a part of it or stay home!

For those throwing:
    BE CLEAR about what your expectations are.  Give examples of what is acceptable if you feel there is room for confusion.  Lay out guidelines for people to follow as well as being very clear what you will not accept at your event.  It is YOUR event so you can control the vision of what you want by laying it all out! 
    Don't be afraid to stick to your guns.  If you want people to respect what you are trying to do you need to stand firm on what you want.  If you can, try to provide a back up for them if they have misunderstood - i.e. a masked ball might have a mask vender set up with masks to sell so people can purchase one to get in if the forgot.
    Show examples of proper attire and give them options of where they might find it.

So here is the bottom line, Themed events are special…Don't make your self more important that the event and cause an issue by not being a part of the event.  Play nice or get out of the sandbox!  ;)

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