Thursday, March 28, 2013

5 Top reasons why People & Companies won't donate to your cause

With so many great causes out there and so many people working them, sometimes it's hard to take a No.  Here are some reasons for those No's.
     ~1.) It is not a proper demographic or social alignment - You have to remember that every company has to be aware of who and what they align themselves with - each business has a demography that they cater to to keep in business, if they feel it's not a match you need to respect and support that.

     ~2.) They are asked weekly for donations - there is only so much people can give.  Not everyone can give to every cause.

     ~3.) Regular or demo product - people try to return these products for full cash refunds.  It is an abuse of the donation, and unfortunately you as an organization can not keep this from happening as you can not control who buys these items. 

     ~4.) People complain about what they buy - To many people do not realize that when you complain about a donation that you purchase in an auction or at an event, the company will look at that as a negative reflection on them, and rather than deal with it they will just not donate.

     ~5.) Proper credit and support from the organization in exchange for the donation.  It is very important to remember that in order to support as many programs as possible, these businesses take a portion of their advertising dollars and redirect to fundraisers.  You need to be able to show How it could benefit them better than a yellow pages add.

     It's sad to say that in this day and age a lot can go wrong when you try to support local causes and do something good.  Be understanding when someone says no, and to increase your chance of a yes have all your info ready to show and share how it could benefit them.

     Word to the wise.....Make sure your approach is polite, straight forward and appealing.  All this passive agressive "tagging", "sharing" on someone else's page with out permission and spamming just causes people to NOT wan to support a cause they might have considered.
     Have a Socially Savvy Week! 

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  1. Well said Lb Dutchess; ) I had to 'tweet' this to my peeps; )