Monday, May 6, 2013

Socially Savvy Fab 5 to Follow

Launching our "Socially Savvy Fab 5 to Follow".  Each week we will introduce people we think are fab enough for all our friends to follow and gain something new from!  Feel free to create your own Fab 5 to Follow on your pages and share some of the most amazing people you know!  Do it once a month or once a week!  Have a Socially Savvy Week and make Every event better  and every relationship stronger because you were a part of it!"

Week 1
"Socially Savvy Fab 5 to Follow"

Brook Fox ~ 92.5 morning radio host and growing bigger, this fab lady does her part to make people laugh and encourage people to support great causes around the city!  Follow her on FB @ and week day mornings on 92.5 FM

Duell Fisher ~ Man around town tirelessly working to cover all the best charity event's in the city!  Well dressed and well connected, this Gentleman has worked to create everything he has!  Follow him on FB @ and @ to see event's he has covered and what's coming up!

Dick Stephens ~ Low key Family man and business powerhouse this guy uses his company Varsity Communications to put together some of the Best event's out there including Golf & wine event's of epic proportions!  Follow him @ and

Kristian Kimbro Rickard ~ Watching this go getter never stop until she got her new company off the ground @, she is delightful and uplifting!  You can find her at

Stacy Lill ~ O Wines Founder, DeLille Cellars Ambassador, & Community Activist this Amazing woman never stops!  Sharing experiences, event's and uplifting those around her she is a must to follow and support!  You can find her @ and

Week 2

Amy Yamada ~ A Fantastic uplifting and encouraging woman, this lady is hard working and well connected! Valuing other's as she does herself she is where i start this week!

  Cristal Carrington ~ a Fab connection that was made across the US due to the magic of FB. She writes a column for the examiner as a Cocktail Columnist, has her own branding & pr company and A Author who has shared fun insight to The Socialite’s Guide To on ebooks. Check her out!

 Sasha O'Leary ~ Young energetic Socialite of the area, she is seen supporting many great causes and events Including one of Seattle's oldest awards - The first Citizens Award, this year going to Lenny Wilkens

Gunnar Nordstrom ~ He has formed the epicenter of Social on the Eastside with his fantastic Gallery and Heartfelt connections with most everyone! Hosting some of the areas most famous peeps art and acquiring the means to show exclusively Fab items like Dr. Seuss it is no wonder why he is a must to follow and go visit!  

 Michael Spain ~ Super nice regular guy gone super inspirational! With his daily postings of positive he was soon to create an entire page to encapsulate everything!, is def one to follow!

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