Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do you know what your asking for?

    I can't tell you how many times i hear people asking for things with no thought of why they should be entitled to ask let alone expect to receive it.  So the question came about in my mind, "Do people know what they are asking for?  Do they know what it is costing the people they are asking?"
Here is a fine example
    It's time for homecoming.  All the girls want to look their best.  They want to feel special.  Most don't now what they are doing, so what do they do?  They call their local cosmetic departments and want to book make up applications with them.  And most expect to get it for free.  I mean that's what they are there for right?  To do make up applications, so why not do one on you?  WRONG!  Let's define these peoples job.  These are sales people.  By definition, that means they are educated to sell.  That means their pay, their livelihood is connected to how much they can sell, which means they are connected to a goal, and if they can't meet that goal they lose their job.  So, back to the make-up thing.  They are educated and trained to apply make up to……listen carefully….HELP YOU CHOSE THE MAKEUP YOU NEED TO BUY!  Now it is in very poor form to actually call up to make an appointment and WHINE about having to purchase a minimum amount!  Especially when the min amount they are asking for actually puts them well below what they are expected to sell an hour.  Let me further explain:
    If an average sales persons goal is $200 to sell per hour and they book a makeup appointment every half an hour and you only intend on purchasing the min $50 they are asking then they are $100 per hour behind their goal each hour.  And why do you care you ask?  BECAUSE if you keep abusing the system they won't be there to help you or do your makeup when you PLAN to purchase properly!!!!  All the GOOD ones will quit and goto an industry where people can't get their time for free! 
    How about we do this.  You work in an office?  How about you work for free for an hour or two a day.  I mean really.  We all have families, all have dreams and goals and all of those things are tied to being able to afford them.  So seriously THINK about what you are asking for and go ahead and practice what you preach….If you expect to get paid for your time, then pay others for theirs.  STOP THE ENTITLED ATTITUDE.

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