Thursday, November 7, 2013

Savvy Conversation.....What is attractive

Savvy Conversation

    Is your conversation attractive or unattractive

     I spent the last several weeks watching how people converse with each other and found that there are definitely conversation's that are unattractive…. whether it be a spouse, romantic interest, best friend or co-worker, with the wrong conversation you can send people running for the hills!  Here are some sure fire repellants!

Criticizing people.  It comes as no surprise that this is a turn off.  The actual speaking of the worlds that are critical contorts your face into unattractive looks!

Debasing yourself.  Self pity and self loathing don't bring people in, they repeal at the speed of sound.  You will find you are useful to no one if you can't find any worth in your self

Whining or complaining.  What can one say about this that the words them selves don't explain? 

Speaking on what you "should" have gotten.  This tells people you are of the "entitled" generation and focus on the past instead of moving into the future.  The past is gone…..try to let go.

Talking about what you "don't" have.  EVERYBODY has things they don't have, so why think that what YOU don't have is of any interest to anyone?

Talking about what other's have that they don't deserve.  The levels of unattractive this brings out are off the charts!  If you have not walked in someone's shoes you cannot even begin to judge whether they deserve something or not.  And even if you could and even if they don't deserve it, it changes nothing.

If you are ever wanting to go face to face with your demon's, stand in front of a mirror and voice to yourself anyone of these above topics and see how your face contorts and reflects.  Then speak to yourself in the mirror of beauty, empowerment, love, and friendship and see how the face changes and reflects…..

What is attractive?  You Decide, but here are some places to start….

Talk of Future Hopes and Dream
Talk of Friendship
Talk of Love
Talk of Empowerment & Encouragement
Talk of Art
Talk of the Beautiful things in Life

After all, there is garbage and waste everywhere, but we usually tend to put it IN the garbage can, not take it out and display it….

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  1. This is a great piece L.B, Thanks for posting it. I will print this and read it often, as well as pass it on.