Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Who are you Today?

    So often in life we getting going on a path of where we think we want to be.  We make alliances, decisions and judgments based on where it is we want to be, and more often than not, we forget to ask "Who am I today?".  Why is that relevant you ask?  Well let me explain…
    I was doing an interview with one of my favorite people, Amy Yamada last month and she spoke of being your authentic self.  She has spoken on that for quite awhile now, and during the interview I got to thinking…."what does my authentic self look like?  What does that mean to me? What does my authentic self feel".  So I stopped, looked in the mirror and asked "Who am I today?"
In asking that question, I find that answering it ,answered all the other questions and helped me define my Authentic self. 
    So, Who am I Today?  I am Happy, Young at heart, excited for life, persistent, determined and connected. 
    How does this help us?  When we ask and answer the question, we know what tools we have at our disposal, ready to pursue the day, our dreams and our goals.  Once you know what your working with you can then answer some new questions:
    Do the tools I possess help me in getting where I want to go?  If not, what tools would?  Or if not, what road would those tools i already possess help me on?
    You see, Life is a journey, and Happiness is found along the ENTIRE journey, so you hold the key to enjoying the journey as much as possible by making conscious decisions and not just following a road that you "believe" will lead you where you want to go.
    So I ask you….."Who are YOU Today?"

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