Thursday, March 6, 2014

It’s Not to expensive.....It’s you....

    Now I know just how harsh the title to this blog is, but let’s be real folks..It’s true.  When you are checking out an event that YOU think is interesting and want to go to, and you then check out the cost of the tickets and say “ It’s to expensive”, that is a YOU thing.  It is YOUR choice how you chose to spend your money.  So if you find yourself feeling an event is “not worth it” think about the cost of what they are trying to present to you.
     It takes ALOT of money to put on a big, beautiful, quality event when it is done right so Consider the following....
    1.) Location ~ to have a large party you need space, and large locations are not “readliy available” and take alot to maintain, so of course there is a cost involved and it is usually pretty substantial
    2.) Food ~ we all like food at events, but it does not just “magically” appear out of no where.  It has to be bought, prepared, served and cleaned up afterwards...all that equals “Cost”
    3.) Entertainment ~ who wants to go to an event where the music or entertainment does not complement the mood of the night?  Where it starts and stops in a way that is like someone trying to drive a stick shift for the first time, jarring you through out the evening.  Good Dj’s, bands and entertainers understand things like “the flow of the Party”, adjusting volume levels to keep crowd happy and involved and perfecting their craft so it is enticing and entertaining.
    4.) The mood & theme of the party...this is where things like your “Attire” plays in and the type of people and attitudes come into play.  If you can not afford the ticket price, you probably can’t afford the proper attire that will maintain the mood and feel of the event, and you would be a detraction instead of a welcome addition to the event.
    Now....the last an most important issue to understand, is just how much of a choice it is of yours..... Do you get your coffee drink once or twice a day?  Do you smoke?  The fact is, we ALL make choices and almost all of us have limited resources, so we need to understand that each one of those choices TO do something, results in a undetermined choice that you CAN’T do something else!  Recognize it and stop making it someone else's issue.

    While we are all entitled to the right to “pursue” happiness, we are not guaranteed to the result of Happiness.....that is up to you and your choices.  Recognize it and learn to live not ONLY in the moment, but for the future you WANT as well!

Have a Socially Savvy Week!  And make EVERY event Better because you were there!

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