Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Savvy “Thought” for the Day ~ How do you use your memory?”

     Today is throw back thursday and as I am sharing some of the pictures I took in the past of my kids ~ most of one in particular because he is away and I miss him!  I find my self smiling and laughing at the memories attached to them.  Catching the moments that give you a peak into their personalities was one of my most favorite things ever back then, because I knew that years later I could share those moments and relive the happiness of them when I saw them. 

     It’s one of the great gifts of having a memory!  

     The other great gift of memory is to learn from past experiences that were less than positive.  Taking those experiences, make adjustments and create new happier memories because of the lessons learned.  But far to often I see people wasting their lives hand picking the negative memories they have.  Dwelling on them, festering them into the ugly weights holding them back from moving on, or reaching back to find bits and pieces they can put together to justify being cruel, mean or hateful from times gone by.  These are the memories that are destroying our country now.  These are the memories that hold us back.  The only answer is to Let go of all the hurtful, painful and destitute memories just as you would a hot burning coal and move on to healing the burns so you can move forward and make beautiful memories with those around you.  

     Make YOUR life BETTER BECAUSE you are here……. Happy Thursday All! 

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