Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Why FEAR is Socially Savvy ~ Extended version

  It has been very interesting over the last few months to see the word Fear put out there and how it is being used.  Some people use fear to manipulate and control you, getting you to react without thinking.  And many people are threatened and paralyzed by fears... but there are those few that step back, detach from the emotion fear brings and find success and insight.  So how do you do that?  Well here is my perspective on doing just that.
    Fear is the illusion of everything that could go wrong but doesn't need to.  It gives us a hyper link into what to avoid or look to plan around.  It is not set in stone, nor does it hold any control over us.  One of the most amazing definitions of fear I have ever heard came from the Movie "After Earth" ~ 
“Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist. That is near insanity. Do not misunderstand me danger is very real but fear is a choice.”  Will Smith 
    So with that said, how do we use Fear as a Hyper link to a successful future?   How do we use it to make great decisions  We look at Fear as a warning sign if you will.  When you see a sign ahead that says "danger, no shoulder" do we drive off the road or simply pay a bit more attention?  When we see a fire engine and smoke, do we douse ourselves with water or look around to make sure the fire can't spread to where we are?  Now onto a more personal perspectives….. When you see a handsome guy or beautiful girl across the room do you hang your head and tell yourself they are out of your class or do you put your best smile on and go for it?  I got you there didn't I!  So what is they key?  Why is it the more personal of an impact something has, the more personal the threat perceived is, we hold tighter to the fear instead of celebrating the possibility of success and looking for answers to avoid it?  Because we have learned to Fear NO, above all.  We are afraid of rejection instead of learning from it and becoming stronger.  It boils down to this…..EVERYTHING we do is a choice and EVERYTHING we do has the possibility of success and failure.  Letting Fear TELL you you will fail instead of using fear to know what to avoid is the key in my eyes.  Analyze, decide and act.  Let life do the rest.  What are a few mistakes to a Life full of fears unrealized because you didn't let it stop you.
Have A Socially Savvy week! And make Everything Better BECAUSE You were there!  

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