Sunday, March 20, 2016

Be Socially Savvy ~ PAY ATTENTION

     I had a friend I had not seen in awhile come up to me yesterday and say “I miss hearing you do your Socially acceptable and unacceptable blogs”!  I had to laugh, because I too missed them, so here we go with this weeks topic.  PAYING ATTENTION.

     Let me explain.  When your out Socially at an event like a Charity, a Party or even just a basic gathering of people the MAIN thing you have to do is PAY ATTENTION!  Here is why… So you DON’T become Socially unacceptable in your behavior!  Seems simple enough right?  Well, its not apparently.  

     Paying attention requires you to not get stupid drunk or be so self absorbed that you think you and what you want, need and desire is more important than what others want, need and desire.  
     So here are some guide lines to think about when going out.

1.)  Be aware of your surroundings.  I have been to soooo many events where people just dump their belongings where ever, not paying attention to what they are dropping their stuff on!  Things like coats on other peoples purses in seating areas and drinks and purses on vendor display tables at charity events.  I mean REALLY?  What is is about books spread out on a table on display that is in any way confusing about NOT putting your stuff on them?  It’s like you sitting down in a chair and I decide I am going to sit on you!!!  JUST DON”T!  And if you have a Question about if you can put your stuff down.....ASK!!!

2.) DON”T TALK OVER SPEAKERS!  This is the most annoying thing ever.  A Charity chair gets up and starts to speak about the charity and in the front row someone decides their conversation about the neighbors dog is more important. WOW.  Make sure you know the purpose of the event you are at and if their is a cause behind it, BE AWARE of when the cause is being spoken about and shut up.  I get that you bought a ticket to the event, but your their to support the event, so do it!

3.) READ YOUR INVITES!  Paying attention to the details of the event can either make you look like the star or the resident moron.  Little things like specifics of attire or theme to the event are put in place to create the spirit and feel of the event!  Don’t be the ass that thinks they should be able to wear what ever they want.  To quote Maleficent “I Hate you”.  Funny but not, lets be real here a min.  It’s not your event, so just adhere to the attire requests and don’t be an a-hole.

4.) Move with decisivness.  Seriously slow down the more you drink!  Enhance your calm!  Spilling your drinks on people, stepping on their feet, running into them, dropping your food on people is all a result of NOT Paying attention!  Watch where you are walking, be aware and for pete sakes, if you DO run in to someone, APOLOGIZE!!!  The same goes with making ANY of the above mistakes!  Be Gracious and apologize and work to make amends or make it better!  It’s that simple.  

     Think of it this way, IF it was YOUR house, YOUR friends, YOUR event….. How would you want people to act.

     Have a Socially Savvy Week and Make Every Event BETTER BECAUSE You were there!  

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