Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Are you as Savvy with your “No’s” as you are with your “Please’s”

     Today it is amazing how many people we can reach out to in moments.  We can communicate with hundreds of people in a day if we choose to.  People reach out with their causes, their businesses, their passions and their interests.  But how many of you will RESPOND to others that reach out to you?  

     I know the first response to this by many people will be “I get so many requests”, yet they will take time to reach out and ask for what they want and need without following up to others reaching out to them.  They are quick to send out their ‘Please’, but non responsive to other’s.  Their time is to valuable to respond.  They were to busy.  And this, my friends, is the saddest “NO” you will ever receive or send.  It is the NO that comes from no response.  It is the NO that they didn’t take time to tell you.  

     So I say….. Take time to kindly respond even when the answer is No.  It shows respect to the people you are responding to.  Kindly give what you expect to receive…. A response to your “Please”.

     And remember to make Every event Better BECAUSE you were There!  

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