Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Here are some Socially Savvy Hint’s of the Do's and Don'ts when Social Networking

Here are some Socially Savvy Hint’s of the Do's and Don'ts when Social Networking


              Use your faculties proportionately.  You have one mouth and 2 ears…. listen twice as much as you speak.  People want to be heard and want to feel that you find what they have to say important.  One of the surest ways of doing that is to listen twice as much as you speak.  You will also find that you learn more!

            Maintain eye contact – This shows interest and respect.  If you are looking at body parts or constantly scanning the room they believe you are bored with them or that you find what they have to say as insignificant.  Learn to focus on what people have to say by first focusing your eyes.

            Be prepared – Know how you want to be perceived and what kind of work you want to be remembered for.  Have a clear sense of your business, goals & abilities as well as making sure your business cards are ready “when requested” ……cards should be asked for not offered.  Offered assumes too much.  Asked for imply’s real interest.  Value your cards like $1 dollar bills!

            Be inviting and complementary.  In Social Networking this alone can take away some of the aquwardness of meeting strangers and actually give you a way of breaking the ice to start conversation. 

            Have good communication skills –
Definition of Communication: “the successful conveying or sharing of ideas and feelings.” it’s now always what you say, its how you say it.  This is one topic I could ramble on for days!  Don’t be in such a hurry to get the facts out on the table that you forget to present them in a way someone “not of your industry” can “get”.  KISS – Keep it simple stupid in your presenting of what you do and that alone will do wonders for your business

            Be your Best - Face it: People size you up during the first 15 seconds after you are introduced, sometimes even before as you are walking across the room!  Pay attention to details like being clean cut, pressed clothing, color coordinated and clothes as well fitted as you can afford.  Watch things like Jewelry and accessories so you don’t present the wrong impression. 



Get to close to people when you are talking.  Many people have insecurities about people being in their “bubble” and it is easy to get people on the defensive if you stand to close!  Maintain a good arms length away and try not to lean into people when you speak…. especially if you are taller.  Again, if you want them to hear what you have to say they have to be comfortable.

            Interrupt when people are already engaged in conversation unless invited.  To many times people will walk up right in the middle of a conversation and interrupt.  This is 2 no-nos in one.  First, you are showing both people that you believe you are more important than they are.  Second they will assume you will do the same to them.  Not the first thoughts you want in someone’s head about you.

            Correct people.  It leaves a bad impression even & especially if you are right.  People have a hard enough time admitting when they are wrong and apologizing when in normal everyday going’s on let alone in a networking setting.  Sometimes you have a simple choice….. To be right, or to be happy!  In this kind of setting, if you don’t already know them, let them figure it out on their own. 

            Don't ramble or go off-track when describing your work objectives..So many times people get so excited about what they do that they go into “story telling” mode.  This can wreck havoc on people’s ability to “follow” what exactly it is that you do! So know your point and gently stick to it.

            Hard sell…..can’t believe I even have to talk about this.  Ram Roding your point down someone’s throat… preasuring them into your way of thinking…bullying him or her to do what you want will not work in this day and age. 

            Get Drunk – the number one WORST thing EVER you can do at a social networking event.  Nobody ever PLAN’S to get drunk at these events, yet someone always seems to.  Helpful hint to keep this from happening?  One Adult beverage to every 2 glasses of water!  It’s hard to get drunk when your flushing water thru you! 


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