Saturday, November 26, 2011

Socially Savvy Service

     Ok folks!  We pay for it so why don’t we get better service?  I believe it is because people have gotten lazy and expect something for nothing, so I think it’s time we re-define what service should be and why we tip.
            By Definition
Service: the action of helping or doing work for someone • an act of assistance: • assistance or advice given to customers during and after the sale of goods:
• The action or process of serving food and drinks to customers. 
Tip: a sum of money given to someone as a reward for their services.

With today’s economy being what it is, the service you provide can be key to your work success – so what do people look for in Savvy Service? 
Here are some of the top items:
1.)   Listening!  If you can’t listen and understand the details of what people are saying you are doomed.  You must listen to the words people use and clarify when necessary.  There is a huge difference between I would like a booth and I require a booth.
2.)    Follow thru – when forgotten, it’s the killer.  In order to maintain good service you have to learn the needs and then provide for them – This is the Heart of service, the very essence of what people are paying for so take the time to get it right. 
3.)   Be happy & excited to do your job – “to serve” or get out of the job.  You do no one, especially yourself, any justice by doing a poor job because of lack of enthusiasm.  Find something to love about your job and focus on that or quite.
4.)   Learn your industry & anticipate needs this here is how you get great tips!  If you suggest what I may need or anticipate it with out me asking you have taken your service to the next level and have ensured your “reward/tip” If you don’t even do the “minimal” of what is known to be standard then why would we even bother with you or your company
5.)   Thank you’s.  Let people know you appreciate them working with you instead of the competition! 
6.)   Fix errors with grace and in a timely manor.  We understand things go wrong and that we are all humane beings and make mistakes.  When this happens, simply be upfront, fix it and be gracious.  It is easy for people to be gracious and understanding back when you haven’t flared their irritation with excuses or ignorance. 
7.)    You want a competitive edge on everyone else?  Read books like the 5 love languages & the power of positive thinking – improve your mind and outlook as well as understand how people think!   You can’t serve what you don’t understand!
Social Food for though: Being Socially Savvy in Service means being aware – it is not about you but rather those you are serving

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