Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holiday Attire Tips & Trends 2011

Socially Savvy got together with Kim Crumpler of Uniquely Savvy and Count Kody Tuwaletstiwa to chat Trendy fun Holiday Attire and simple ways to transition everyday work attire to Holiday Party attire!  Here is what we got!

            Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle is what it’s all about!  Sparkle can dress up anything; it’s as easy as putting on sparkle earrings, necklace, bracelets and rings! 
This year bold color is back for the Holidays!   Color’s pop when you take soft textures like saint and layering them with bold dense fabrics.  Pencil skirts, flowing dress pants, Belts, platform heels and chunky pearls all make great Holiday looks!

The little red dress is the core of the season replacing the little black dress for a short time!  These can be found almost anywhere right now!
Hoisery is back!  Lace, texture, color and design can be an easy piece to change out to go from workday to Holiday!  

Leather is in – fun skirts and leather worked in to outfits add’s rich finish to your look. 
Some easy ways to transition business wear to Holiday:

1.) Change out gold or silver earrings, bracelets and necklaces for crystal colors!  Red’s, blues, greens and even the elegance of clear and white stones picks up the light!
2.) Change out shoes from basics to platform, patent leather goes well with anything and even if you’re bold enough, go red!
3.) Change out your blouse/shell under a jacket for a sequin top in bold color or metallic colors to add wow!
4.) Add a fun hat, swap a decorative shawl for a jacket or wrap yourself in pearls!

            Back up in the car for those last min invites for the Ladies would be: a pair of sparkle earrings, bracelet & necklace, extra pair of hosiery, a pair of black pumps and some kind of sparkle top!  You can use these to glam up Jeans and get away with attending almost any Holiday party.  Add in a pencil skirt and you’re a sure win for any party.


The secrets to Well dressed men are Attention to detail.  Well fitted and styled– you own it, otherwise the clothes are wearing you.

French cuff shirts are great for showing off your cuff links – these are the men’s place of personnel style where you can really throw your personality into it!  From theme – ie frogs to flags, to colored stones it doesn’t matter! 
Men’s shirts are where you can be bold with color and texture as well.  Accent the ladies with shirt’s reflecting the color’s of the season!
Open neck – unbuttoned top with ascot’s and scarves. 
Bow tie is in as well.
Make sure your shoes are shined! Pant’s are pressed and well fitted, shirts are wrinkle free and jacket arm lengths are correct. 

Back up in your car?  We suggest a clean pressed shirt, cuff links, belt, shoes, fun tie, scarf, pocket scarf to dress up for last min holiday invites! 

You almost can’t over dress for the Holidays so be bold and have fun!

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