Monday, November 7, 2011

Hot Tip's to be Prepared for the Holiday's & Event's!

Every week more tip's will be added so check the list often!

  1. Send out invites 2-3 week ahead so people have time to schedule – even save the date notices if you don’t have full details yet
  2.  Look at your invites and RSVP or update maybe's at least a week ahead if at all possible – people are spending money and energy for food and beverage – appreciate their efforts by helping out with accurate RSVPing
  3. Ladies – emergency Holiday pack – extra hosiery, deoderant, 1 pr silver 1 pr gold earrings, black high heels, fragrance & lipstick – that way you can be ready for any last min invites or attire malfunctions.
  4. Men – emergency Holiday pack – deoderant, dress shirt, nice shoes & colognE
  5.  Make all your appointments for services 5 -6 weeks in advance when possible! 
  6.  Know your destination and parking accomidations – will you have to walk a long ways?  Weather issues?  Maybe carpool or take a taxi in.
  7. If close up pictures are involved Don’t do anything major in diet or skin care 3 – 5 days before an event!  Avoid fried foods, Coca Cola & Chocolate to name a few as they trigger hormonal reactions that usually mean break out.  Facial’s, peels and treatments are designed to clarify and purge the skin so realize that it takes a few days for the results of those to be complete – make sure you ask your service provider details to be sure.
  8. If buying Fragrance Gift sets don't wait....odd's are they will be gone the first week in December and they rarely if ever go on sale
  9. Lose your car in the parking lot often?  Take out your camera phone and take a picture of the isle/level it's on!  
  10. Take a day and pre- make & freeze your favorite party appetizers!  Put them on the med size disposable trays so you can grab one on short notice.
  11. Hit up your favorite local wine tasting rooms and pick up some wines for gift giving.  Have a couple reds and whites bagged and ready to grab.
  12. Got a party and no time to cook?  Utilize your favorite restaurant's and order app's to go!  Most places have great packages to take home "catered" food! ;)
  13. Hard to hit all the Holiday Parties?  Get together with a couple friends and all throw a party together!  Don't miss out AND meet new people!
  14. Dry ice is not just nice for Halloween – can make a fun beverage and add animation to your buffet tables – check with your local meat department to order – usually needs a 3 – 7 day lead time
  15. Plan your music for arriving, chatting, dinner and dessert to keep the tempo of how you want things to go. 
  16.  If you want your event to be memorable put out disposable camera’s so you guests can have fun clicking the night!
  17. Can’t get around to seeing everyone you want each year?  Take a regular daily event and do it together with another family – early dinner on a week night, lunch on a Sunday!  
  18. Holidays can stress you out just as much as be exciting – make sure to take a few hours a week to do the things that keep you calm and whole – running, yoga, reading anything! 
  19. Be prepared to say no – It’s hard sometimes but be honest with friends and yourself
  20. American’s throw away 75% of all the Christmas gifts they get…. Try something new – give people experiences & your time -  like show tickets, dinner out or create a road trip like wine  
  21. Check your weather reports often so you know what kind of conditions you are heading out into 

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